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Successful Businessman Raj Kundra – Success Story

When Raj was 18 years old, the father said that either you see the work of the restaurant or in 6 months prove yourself and tell it.
Raj Kundra, who was in controversies with the Indian Premier League, has now got into a dispute with actor Sachin Joshi. Kundra alleges that Sachin was also a participant in his poker league, a check of 40 lakh given by him has bounced. Sachin says he did not participate, so why to pay. BusinessLend.Com is telling you about Raj Kundra.

  • Raj Kundra is the owner of the Rajasthan Royals team, returning after a two-year ban in the Indian Premier League.
  • Raj’s father, who lives in Punjab, Ludhiana, is named Balakishan while mother’s name is Usha Rani.
  • Raj Kundra has three sisters. It is said that Raj is a college dropout.
  • His first wife’s name is Kavita from whom he has been divorced.

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The Story of Raj becoming a Successful Businessman

  • Raj’s father Balakishan came to London empty-handed from Ludhiana. Here he was the conductor of the bus. Then worked in the cotton factory.
  • On the other hand, his mother also used to work in a showroom to run a house, at that time Raj was in the lap.
  • It is said that during work, Raj’s mother used to take him in his lap and go to the factory.
  • When Raj’s parents made some money, he started a grocery store and later a post office and drug store.

Father Entrusted With Responsibility When He Was 18 Years Old

  • When Raj was 18 years old, the father said that either you look at the work of the restaurant or else prove yourself in 6 months and tell it.
  • After this, Balakishan gave 2000 euros in Raj’s hand. Raj went to London Dubai and then Nepal. Purchased Pashmina Shawl from Nepal.
  • After purchasing these, they went to big brands of England, Kristin Dior, and Joseph. In the very first year, Raj earned 2 crore euros just by selling shoals.
  • When competition in Pashmina increased, he went to Dubai and started doing diamond business from there. Had already done Diamond’s course.

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The First Marriage Was Broken Only After Having a Daughter

  • It is said that Raj did all the work like real estate, steel scrap. The first marriage was with Kavita.
  • Delina has a daughter from Kavita and Raj. A few days after Delina’s birth, their marriage broke up.
  • Three years after the break up of the first marriage, Raj came in contact for promoting perfume of Shilpa.
  • During this time, the two fell in love and then both got married. They bought the team in IPL after which they also got involved in spot-fixing.
  • After this, the Supreme Court had removed Raj’s team from the IPL for two years. This time, his team is making a comeback in IPL-11.

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