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Hatsun Agro Turnover From Rs 13,000 To 5400 Crores

As we all know that our country is an agricultural country and the main occupation of a large part of our population is agriculture-based. But despite this truth, the trend of our new generation towards agriculture is decreasing day by day. Every year a large number of people migrate from village to city in search of employment. It is unfortunate to embrace the boring life of the city. While this youth power is exploited in the city, on the other hand, many people have to stumble in search of jobs.

Today, we have brought the story of a person who believes to stick to the power of the soil.  The story is especially for those people who think that there is a shortage of possibilities in the agricultural sector. The story of this man who built the country’s largest private-sector dairy company with a turnover of 5400 crores is very inspiring.

RG Chandramogan, who laid the foundation stone of Hatsun Agro, does not require any introduction today. Born in a very poor Nadar family in Thiruthangal and broke off from studies in a very short time. Seeing the pathetic economic conditions of the house, he started looking for work. For many years this sequence continued. Over time, the economic situation kept on falling instead of going right. Finally, his family started RG Chandramogan and Company in the year 1970, selling all their assets for Rs 13,000.

The company started as an agricultural firm. Initially, he started the business of cattle rearing. Starting from just a few cows, the firm grew bigger year after year. Chandramogan used to extract milk from these cows and transport it to dairy. This sequence lasted for 16 years. Gradually, the number of cattle with them increased and more milk production was started. Then, in 1986, he decided to open a dairy farm of his own, setting up RG Chandramogan & Company as ‘Hatsun Agro Products Limited‘.

He first started supplying fresh and clean milk in his state. Introducing two brands of milk called Arokya and Gomatha, they gained ground in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Goa within a few years. By 2003, sales of 6.25 lakh litres of milk began to be made daily and in Chennai, sales of only 1.55 lakh litres were recorded. To cater to the growing demand of customers, the company expanded its business to a dairy unit in Karnataka, Salem, and Madurai.

Hutson Agro started its one-thousandth retail outlet in Chennai a few months back. The official statement issued by Hatsun Agro said that the company plans to triple the number of retail outlets in the next year.

The company has tripled its total business in the last three years and has become the fastest-growing dairy company in the world. It is today one of the leading agricultural firms in the country, recording a record growth of 116 per cent in the last 3 consecutive quarters. Chandramogan also ventured into the ice cream sector by selling 1 million litres of milk per day.

Today Arun Ice Cream is a popular ice cream brand in South India. Today they also have more than 1000 exclusive ice cream parlours. In May 2008, he set up an ice cream plant with a capacity of 3000 litres per day in Seychelles and then another plant in Fiji. Not only this, but the company is also listed on the stock market.

Today RG Chandramogan is seen as the most successful entrepreneur of the country’s first generation. We get to learn a lot from this person who started a huge enterprise in the country starting at Rs 13,000.

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