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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Big Boy Toyz cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccine for its 150 plus employees across the country

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National, March 2021 – Pre-owned luxury car leaders, Big Boy Toyz set forth to bear the cost of the Covid-19 vaccine for its employees across the country. With a workforce strength of 150 plus people, BBT Founder Mr Jatin Ahuja, takes pride in his team who has been working towards the growth of the organization and servicing people across the country throughout the pandemic. Employees can now get themselves vaccinated at any government booths and will get certified by the Government of India.

With this announcement, Mr Ahuja appreciates the effort and seamless services provided by the entire BBT team. In order to keep encouraging the team and being grateful towards their dedication, Mr Ahuja believes it’s his responsibility and duty to safeguard his work family and ensure good health for all of them. To corroborate dedicated workforce, he will continue working towards the betterment of his BBT family.

Speaking on the announcement Mr Ahuja stated, “Big Boy Toyz is a reflection of my ideology, vision and in order to make this happen, my entire team has been a great support to me. BBT team is one big team of dedicated and diligent individuals from across the country. Our team at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad has left no stone unturned to make BBT a huge success over the years and it was the team who came together during the pandemic to ensure the brand continued to grow. Our BBT team have been available for our clients anywhere in the country. By taking up the responsibility of my team and providing the best protection, I am trying to acknowledge their effort and appreciate their dedication towards the organization as it is rightly said – A leader or an organization is as good as its team members and employees. As a leader every entrepreneur should make sure that their workforce is safeguarded in whatever possible way.”

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