Sheryl Sandberg- The Leading Female Entrepreneur

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Recently, the startup world has registered a great rise in the numbers of women entrepreneurs and women rising through the ranks. Such women have become the most influential people in the world. So as we love to consider every big name on our platform, we do come across Sheryl Sandberg- the name that holds inspiration for all of us.

As per fortune, She is the most powerful and inspirational woman.

Check this writeup to know more about Sheryl Sandberg

Name Sheryl Sandberg
DOB August 28, 1969 Washington, D.C., U.S.
Age 50
Nationality American
Academics Harvard University (AB, MBA)
Role COO of Facebook (2008–present)
Board member of Facebook
Net worth US$1.7 billion (May 2020)
Marital status Tom Bernthal (2019-; engaged)

Sheryl Sandberg – Story

Undoubtedly, Sheryl has made successful transitions from Washington to Wall Street or Silicon Valley. Well, most o the renowned people have gain fame beyond their executive profiles. Sandberg, who was working as a senior official at the Treasury Department, has managed to do both of them simultaneously. We can say she is a package of hard-work and fame.

What is Lean-In?

It is the first book by Sheryl Sandberg which was a great success. Since the launch, it has been on the list of bestsellers and millions of copies have been sold. The publication of her book kept on gaining popularity as an international movement that made feminism mainstream again. She is connected not only with the CEOs, but also with famous celebrities like Oprah, Bono, and Michel Bloomberg. She is often reported by senators, senior White House officials, and prime ministers. She is a dream personality that anyone could ever wish for, however, she chose to be number 2 at a company where she can easily become the boss.

She is the author of one more book called Option B where she mentions the stress and ways to handle loss after she lost her husband unexpectedly.

Sheryl Sandberg – Role at Facebook

The last carry a hefty portfolio and a trusting relationship with Mark Zuckerberg. Sandberg manages all the things Mark hates to do and hence he can focus completely on engineering. Well, just because of her efforts she got the chance to be the public face of the company. As per Mark, Lean In has done a lot for the advancement of Facebook than what Facebook has done for Lean In. Undoubtedly, Mark is a celebrity in his own right and the anti-hero of an Oscar-winning Hollywood movie. Sandberg stands as the world’s most popular COO, she is a rockstar in business, politics, and popular culture too!

Yes, Sandberg is an inspiration for all of us. Her hard work has fueled the growth of Facebook which makes it the largest social media platform in the world. She has risen through the ranks. She is the reason why Facebook is still a big name in the startup circuit. Under her, the team has worked hard and continues to do so! The Sheryl Sandberg story still has a long road to go.

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