Meet Priyanka Madanani, whose Gurugram-based startup helps entrepreneurs to pitch to investors

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A successful pitch for investors to extend funding and demo days has become an integral aspect of start up and entrepreneurship.

In 2016, Priyanka Madanani was also struggling to make a powerful pitch for her first startup, Cheapest and Nearest – a platform that provides over 2,500 services by vendors across Delhi-NCR.

However, Priyanka felt that she was not alone. She says, “Many founders are facing similar issues.” Despite the numerous accelerator programs and support in the ecosystem, communicating his ideas remained a challenge. ”

In 2017, this requirement Easy to Pitch Became the foundation of.

The Journey

Priyanka joined the startup ecosystem and started volunteering at India’s oldest and largest startup ecosystem development organization.

“I understood that investors were rejecting the founder even when they had good business models with cash flow,” she recalls.

After speaking with several mentors, incubators and accelerator programs and investors, Priyanka noted one general thing – the absence of experts for “Grooming Founders for Pitching”.

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She says that most domain experts can share little knowledge about industry knowledge and grooming entrepreneurs.

What started as a freelancing consultancy service in 2017 soon developed into a private limited company, was registered in October 2019. Mentors from companies such as Blue Ventures were impressed by its portfolio of managing around 150 startups and encouraged it to take the entrepreneurial path.

In Gurugram with a team of 22 people, Easy to Pitch has helped over 350 startups in 21 Indian cities with one-on-one engagement online.

The wealth of investors of 8 of the top 10 companies of the country increased by about Rs 1.45 lakh crore

Operated on a B2B model, its services include preparing startups’ pitch decks and investment decks from scratch, preparing financial evaluations and estimates, preparing for Demo Day for the accelerator and incubator program, and preparing the founder.

She adds, “If they need to work again, we tell them they still need to take longer because it’s better not to reject and go with a role model.”

After reviewing over 3,000 decks, the fee starts at Rs 8,000 and goes up to Rs 30,000 for about 12 days of working closely with the core team. While the price is determined at which stage the startup is, student entrepreneurs can avail of the services at an initial price of Rs 5,000.

Easy to Pitch has over 200 partnerships in the ecosystem including Bhoudhik Ventures, Lawyered, Headstart, Paytm Build for India, Tech2Edge, India Accelerator, Venture Garage and more.

Kovid-19 and future plans

Priyanka claims that the startup has not been affected much by Kovid-19 as its services were always provided.

Since she was doing most of the work alone as a freelancer, the entrepreneur says there were ‘fortunate challenges’ such as increasing demand for services. She plans to have 20 more employees in the near future.

She adds, “With our founders taking our help and not having enough members in the team, hiring became a challenge but now we are stabilizing.” The entrepreneur is not being used to delegate work and handle all tasks on his own.

Started with an investment of Rs 2 to 3 lakhs on its own, the startup became a private company last year, has a sustainable business model of startup and is on track to achieve Rs 1 crore in revenue in March 2021.

Going forward, the startup plans to launch a founder dashboard automated tool leveraging AI to create pitch decks and business plans.

In addition, Priyanka is looking for investment after the prototype of the device is released in the next few months. It also hopes to cater to entrepreneurs from Tier II and III cities in the future.

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