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How To Open Kids Play Way School in India?

How to open playschool (nursery school) and earn a good amount and how this business will start complete information – playschool is also called as Kids school, Pre-school, Nursery school. goes. Nowadays many people are making good profits by opening playschools. Its demand is very high. Wherever there is a population, a playschool can easily be opened for young children. All parents want a good upbringing of their children. They should be taught to read very little. That’s why he writes his children’s name in playschool. In this article, we will give you complete information about opening playschool.

What is Play School Business?

Children from 3 to 5 years old come to the playschool to study. It teaches children up to pre-nursery, nursery, KG-One and KG-2. Children are small, so handling them is a special challenge. Children continue to learn as they are taught. The purpose of playschool (nursery school) is to give children a good environment. So that all the qualifications of childhood in them can be fully developed.

Along with this, they are also fed a variety of sports. They are taught in sports. Whatever things are taught to young children in childhood, they continue to learn the same way. In this way, his personality develops. In playschool, young children are taught good things. All things are taught how to talk to the elders, how to say your words.

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Play School Prospects

There is a lot of potential for playschool in India as it has a large population. The field of education is developing day by day in our country. New schools are opening every day. New technology is being used in schools.

In such a situation, if you want to open a playschool then it will be a very good business plan. The business of pre-schools in India is estimated to be 20 thousand crores by 2020. This business is growing at a rate of 45% every year.

Guidelines Required For Opening a Playschool

Your school trust institution must have at least 3 members. Your institution (school) should be registered according to the India Trust Act. It is very important to have a document of the property (land) on which you want to start a playschool.

Franchisee Arrangement To Start Playschool Business

To open a playschool, you have to invest 2 to 15 lakhs of capital. Most people open their playschool by taking franchises of schools with famous brands.

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Some Famous Play School Franchises

1. #Smart Kids India Play School
Investment: 6 to 7 lakhs
Required Space: 2000 to 2400 sq.ft.

2. #Kidzee Playschool
Investment: 12 to 15 lakhs
Required Space: 2000 to 3000 sq.ft.

3. #Shamrock Playschool
Investment: 6 to 7 lakhs
Required Space: 5000 to 6000 sq.ft.

4. #Bachpan Playschool
Investment: 1.2 million
Required Space: 2000 sq.ft.

5. Little Millenium Playschool
Investment: 10 to 15 lakhs
Required Space: 2000 to 2500 sq.ft.

The Infrastructure Required To Start a Playschool Business

Build the building in which you want to run the school yourself or rent the building. You should have 2000 to 4000 square feet of space. After that, he will have to get the painting done according to the children. Interior design will have to be done.

It will cost money to bring toys, tables, chairs, blackboards, books for children. School rooms should be large and airy. It is necessary to have a playground for morning prayer.

To attract children, there should be attractive colourful child paintings, flowers, trees, pictures, inspiring themes on the walls. Apart from this, there should also be adequate toys for children.

It would be great if there are trees and greenery inside the school. There should be a proper toilet facility for children. Banks like Mahila Bank and Punjab National Bank give loans at 12% interest to open playschools which have to be repaid within 5 years.

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Where Should Play School Open?

The best place to open a playschool is populated. Young children between 3 and 5 years old come to the playschool to study, so there should be small children in that place. In the place where you want to open a playschool, first find out how many playschools are there.

If there are too many playschools in that place and competition is too high, then you choose another place. You should do an area analysis of that place. Find out how much fees are being charged in other playschools, how satisfied the parents are with the education there.

Registration To Open a Play School

You must register your school. If you are taking a franchise of a branded playschool then they will explain to you the registration process.

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Choosing a Course For a Play School

You should choose the course according to young children. For this, you can go to another playschool and see the books and syllabus there. You can consult the Education Experts and Education Research Consultant.

Children’s curriculum should be per social values ​​and ideals. The curriculum should be such that seeds should be planted in children within good values.


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