20 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 10K

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There are so many people out there in this world who don’t like working under somebody’s thumb for the rest of their lives. Being innovative minds, they are always looking to do something more with their lives trying to explore this business world.

Are you one of these people? If your answer is yes, then I am sure you got more questions related to this topic. Don’t worry; I will answer all of your questions today. Sometimes being a housewife and handling children and house chores consume all of your time, but you want to be someone who can help her husband to share the house expenses. But without going out too much.

Are you a student who wants to earn money to pay for college fees and have some money to spend on yourself, so you don’t have to be dependent on your parents for too long? Today I will help you explore your passion and earn something without investing a massive amount of money on it. Here are some of the best business options for you to explore with zero to 10’000 rupees investment.

Top 20 Business Idea Under Rs. 10000

1. Become a Blogger

If your passion is writing, then becoming a blogger is a promising option for you. Because in this modern era people who are spending most of their time on phones and computers. They don’t go and start reading a book to gather information on a specific subject like Food, Tech, Movies, Fashion, Travel, Sports, Photography, etc.

You should start your blog on the subject that you love, and then you can connect with the digital advertisers. They will pay you a tremendous amount for posting their ads on your blog site if you are one of the approved bloggers. Starting a blog site only costs you 3500 rupees, and in no time, you will be able to recover that invested money.

2. YouTuber Channel

Presently in a new age, becoming a star is not that hard like it was in the past. Now, if you acquire a camera and microphone, then OK, but even if you don’t have a camera and only own a smart Android, then don’t you worry. You can start your career as a YouTuber with the help of your phone because there are so many big YouTubers who started their career with the help of their phone and later switched to a camera and microphone.

Being housewives who love cooking, you can start your food cooking channel, or you can begin to vlogging your daily life. If you think you can make people laugh and write a good script on different subjects, then there is no stopping you from becoming a big YouTuber. YouTube also works like a Blogging site, but the good thing about it is that you can start a YouTube channel with zero investment.

3. Travel Agent/Agency

No matter where you are from, what your origin and country are without any doubts, people like to travel around their nation and even the world. Especially in India, becoming a travel agent or opening your travel agency can be a good source of income with the help of the right clients. The only thing you should be good at while opening a travel agency is that your communication skills need to be excellent, and your image needs to be approachable for your clients.

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4. Candle Making Business

It was a thing of the past that people used to light candles during the Diwali time and when there was a power cut in your area. If we talk about the present time, people are in love with their candles, which are scented and in various colours to change the vibes inside your house. There are too many authors out there who contact a candle maker while preparing their next book merchandise.

Readers and fans of the author are crazy about these scented and beautiful specialized candles. Now with the aid of little investment, you can make candles at home and approach such authors and restaurants who organize candlelight dinners. Soon you will start making a small fortune.

5. Mobile and Computer Repairing Shop

Almost everyone in this world owns a phone. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. It’s a necessity for everyone. The same goes for laptops and computers, but since laptop prices are a little high, and they are not accessible to everyone, but still, the majority of the people in India own them. If you are a technology lover and can fix mobiles and laptops easily, then you should consider opening a mobile and laptop repair shop, and you can run that shop even from your home, saving every month’s rent for a store.

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6. Mobile Recharge Seller Shop

It is an obvious fact if you own a phone, then to call someone and to have an internet connection, you need to recharge your mobile. Connect with the recharge coupon distributor, and then you can start selling these recharge services to your clients. Now you can run these recharge services online.

7. Private Tutor or Tuition Classes

In India, education is becoming like a competition in which everyone wants to participate and wants to stay on top of their game. It is known that rich people hire private tutors for their kids. You can join an agency that employs private tutors. But people from the middle class and lower middle people can’t afford private tutors fees. That’s why either you can start giving tuition classes at your home or join online teaching classes. People are earning a decent amount for their livelihood from this business.

8. Beauty Parlor Business

Women and girls are obsessed these days with their beauty and keeping their appearance in check. But not everyone can afford a hotshot beauty salon and spa. That’s where your community house based beauty parlour comes handy. If you are a housewife and want to start a home-based business and know tricks about cutting hair and giving beauty treatment, then you can begin your home established beauty parlour with a small investment under 10,000 rupees.

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9. Tailoring/Stitching Business

In India, if you are a master in sewing clothes and can keep up with the latest demand of people, then all you need is a good quality sewing machine which you can purchase under 5000 easily. You don’t even need to rent a place to start your tailoring shop. In India, in every society, women create a home-based tailoring shop where they sew suits and sarees and blouses for women and girls. You can charge your customer according to their demand and earn up to 1,00,000 per month once your business is settled down, especially during festivals and wedding seasons.

10. Catering Services

Bachelors who live far from their home and either don’t know how to cook or don’t have enough time after working long hours in the offices. They use catering services to get food delivery at their doorsteps. So if you are passionate about cooking and effortlessly cook a large amount of tasty food, then you can start taking a few clients in the beginning and then later with your savings expand your food catering services.

11. Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Everyone these days is crazy about keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their figure, and that’s why high society civilizations spend thousands of rupees every month. If you think you are a master in doing yoga or a person who can help other people work out and teach them new techniques every day to strengthen their lifestyle and also their body. Most of the yoga and fitness trainers also take online classes.

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12. Freelance Content Writer/ Ghostwriters

If you are going to dig deeper into social media, you are going to find out that currently, there are so many agencies and companies and sites looking for someone who can write useful articles for them. If you think that you are excellent, you are going to easily find gigs on social media platforms like Facebook, Fiverr, etc. Even some writers and publishers are always looking for someone who can ghostwrite a book for them in exchange for getting paid a hefty amount of money.

13. Affiliated Marketing

If anyone starts searching the internet, they are going to find out there are lots of companies and sites that are always searching for someone who can promote their products with the help of that person’s social media account. Whenever somebody buys that product from the link that you have provided them, then you will get a small per cent of the money from that company or sites. People are making over 1,00,000 in affiliate marketing every month.


14. Laundry or Dry Cleaning Services

If you have a big family, then you understand that if you don’t own a washing machine and have to wash the clothes with your hands how tiring it is and don’t forget the ironing. People who are working every day and don’t want the headache of cleaning all the clothes then you should provide laundry services to them at reasonable prices. You can even purchase a dry cleaning machine to give their expensive clothing extra care.

15. Pet Sitter 

Are you an animal lover and love spending time with them every day? Why not do business out of your passion and love? We all know people might have a dog, cat at home, but they can’t take them everywhere with them, and most of the time, when they are going out, they need somebody who can love their pet as their own and take care of their needs. That’s why becoming a pet sitter for you is an ideal choice because people pay a decent amount of money to the person who takes care of their loveable pets.

 16. Baby Day Care Services

We all know that there are working moms out there who can only take a few months of maternity leaves. This puts them into a dilemma: who is going to take care of their baby once they start working again because, for new moms, it’s too hard to trust someone with their babies. If babies love you and you are excellent at taking care of them and winning their mom’s trust, then opening a baby daycare in your home will help you earn a decent proportion of money.

17. Vegetable Farming

Now don’t get scared since I mentioned vegetable farming. You don’t need a big field to grow vegetables. If you have green fingers and have a small backyard or front yard, then it is a beautiful idea for you. Some so many people are always looking for organic vegetables; that’s what you can do to help them out while growing chemical-free vegetables according to the season. You only need to invest in the seeds, and the rest will be taken care of by nature, so it doesn’t require a massive amount of money to grow them. Also, people are ready to buy these veggies at high rates.

18. Courier Services

Every country, state, city, town, and village needs Courier services, and it is one of those businesses where you don’t have to invest too much. With good communication skills, you can open your courier services.

19. Freelance Graphic Designer

Every company needs someone to create banners, templates, and help the company to sell its product with the assistance of your advertisement skills. If you are good with computers, then you should try your hands into it.

20. Freelance Editor and ProofReader

When someone writes a book, their book is not only about the story. To help writers to polish their writing, they need editors and proofreaders. Who not only is going to point out their mistakes but fix it too. So if you think you can proofread someone’s book and help it polish by editing without it, then without any doubts, you should take this opportunity.

So as you saw throughout this article that there are so many businesses that help you earn a great deal of money with zero to 10,000 rupees being a babysitter, courier service provider, web designer, real estate agent is of those fantastic business ideas which can change your life. Today I’m sure you were able to learn that not every business starter requires you to spend all of your life savings on it or you don’t need to be rich to become a business owner. All you need to do is learn how to manage all of it.

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