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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Curefit Sacked 1000 Employees Due to Covid-19 Crisis

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The effect of coronavirus (Covid-19) has started appearing on corporate India and startups. Layoffs have started in companies. After the stalled work due to the lockdown, companies have started removing employees in the name of cost-cutting. Health and fitness startup Cure.fit has fired more than 1000 employees from its many centres in the country. Cure Fit was started by Flipkart and Myntra executives Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori.

Forced Resignation

It is alleged that the company has forcibly resigned from its centre managers, fitness trainers to clinching staff. Employees allege that resignation is being sought from them without any official communication. Employees allege that their experience certificate has also been threatened to stop if they do not resign. Those who have resigned will be issued experience letters with a salary of 45 days till 15 June. However, those who do not resign will be given salary only. The experience letter will be withheld.

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Social Media Account, Email Deactivated

On May 1, the company demanded resignation from its employees. The company has instantly deactivated all social media chat groups, working emails of its employees. Employees allege that the company is paying only 45 days of salary to those who are fired. Employees say that the company is issuing the letter itself, accepting the resignation itself. A letter of approval for the resignation has also been issued to those who have not resigned so far.

The Zee Business Digital team also has phone recordings of conversations between employees and the company’s HR. This clearly shows that on behalf of HR, employees are being asked to forcibly leave the job. At the same time, it has also been said to stop the experience certificate if you do not resign.

Zee Business had sent an email to the company in this regard, in response to which the company has released its official statement. The company says that due to Coronavirus and lockdown, their functioning has come to a complete standstill. The business of many centres has been badly affected. There is no hope of improvement in this for the next few years. This is the reason why we are having to shut down our operations in some cities of India and UAE even in these difficult times.

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Company Issued an Official Statement

The company says that we are taking many steps keeping in mind our customers. Looking at the business in the long term, we have decided to do some cost-cutting. We have reduced our employee base in the Indian market. Also closing some centres. Apart from this, cuts have also been made in salary. The founders have cut their 100% salary. At the same time, there is a 50 per cent salary reduction in the management team. Apart from this, 20-30 per cent of salary has been cut in staff according to the posts.

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Let me tell you, there are celeb trainers like Mandira Bedi and Shakti Mohan with Cure.fit. Also, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are the brand ambassadors of this company. Cure.Fit works under many names in the health sector. It includes formats like Care.Fit, Eat.Fit, Cult.Fit and Mind.Fit. This includes businesses such as health, food delivery, cafes, gyms, and fitness.

Source – Zee News

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