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Share India is a one-stop platform for all the financial situation

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We live in a world where no one cares about others and only cares about themselves. But that’s not the case in this Delhi based share market brokerage firm called Share India. Share India was established in the year 1993 and since then the company has been growing consistently and has become the leading broking house in India that provides the best value for money service. They even have personalised services for their clients. The firm deals in Mutual Funds, Brokerage, Insurance, Merchant Banking, Trading and NBFC which stands for Non-Banking Financial Company. 

The strength of Share India lies in its strong commitment to a straightforward, direct, truthful and customer-centred approach to “you generate, we multiply”. More significantly, the company has opened its doors to people having speaking and hearing impairments. The company also has a diverse workforce that also includes people having hearing and speaking impairments. Where other companies do not accept people having hearing or speaking problems, Share India brokerage accepts people suffering from speaking and hearing problems and gives them rigorous training for the stock market and trading cash in the futures.

The company gives special training to people having such difficulties and trains them for formal stock market trading. One reason most of the new hires have held on is that everyone has been paid by the company from day one. It costs 8,000 a month during the three-month training cycle. The wage would then be increased to 11,000. One cannot skip the youth sitting on the farthest right-hand corner when reached on the second floor of the three-storey Share India office, an East Delhi-based broking company specialising in proprietary trading. Step closer, and you’ll see him entangled in his computer’s trading panel, unaware of the hubbub around him. As he does not hear or speak, noise does not distract him. Meet Jagmohan Singh, 24, who comes from a family, all of whom have speech and hearing impairments. Still, when he is at work, one cannot write Singh off. He is one of the company’s best cash futures traders. Three years ago, Singh trained for a Delhi café at the Noida Deaf Society. But when Rohin Gupta, the director of Share India, picked him up from the institute and gave him formal training in stock market trading, things began to change. Singh was never formally trained, but the training was rigorous, and he currently earns 50,000-55,000 a month. Singh is not a one-off case. Rohin also suffers from hearing and speech impairment. Yet, at Share India, he leads a team of five who cannot hear or talk but manage to make a living by trading in cash futures. Rohin suffers from impaired hearing and voice as well. Yet he leads a team of five who, by trading in cash futures, cannot hear or speak but manage to make a living.

The brand stays true to its tasks such as ‘serving the different consumer needs by adhering to the values of professionalism and honesty, focusing on development and generating growth opportunities for our business partners and ‘achieving quality improvement through creativity and technology.


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