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Nimit Aggarwal- The Founder and Director of India’s First Marketplace for Exchange of Plastic Credit Certificates

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Nimit Aggarwal is the Founder and Director of EcoEx, -the first-ever Digital Marketplace in the field of Plastic waste management ecosystem which helps brand owners meet a vast pool of Recyclers/Coprocessors to fulfill their EPR obligation. The start-up enables the exchange of credit certificates to strengthen the plastic recycling infrastructure. The platform aims to bring recyclers, collectors, producers, and brands together to facilitate a clear exchange of plastic credit certificates.

Nimit Aggarwal- Biography

Name Nimit Aggarwal
Nationality Indian
Graduation Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
Profession Businessman
Position Founder and Director, EcoEx

Nimit Aggarwal- Education

Nimit received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delhi in Business Administration and Management, 2010-2013. He completed his Master of Business Administration from the Indian School of Business in the year 2017-2018.

Nimit Aggarwal- Professional Life

Nimit is a result-driven business leader and a fervent supporter of a circular economy, Nimit comes with more than 10 years of experience in leading organizations working towards sustainable solutions, plastic waste management, and PET plastic waste. He is an eco-minded entrepreneur supporting UNDP Sustainable Development Goals and has also consulted numerous foreign recycling organizations with their planning and business strategy. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian School of Business. In September 2020, Nimit founded EcoEx, a first-of-its-kind digital platform for stakeholders of the plastic waste management value chain to undertake secured & mutual beneficial plastic credit certificate transactions.

Nimit is an avid reader and prefers to travel while on a break.

Nimit Aggarwal is the Managing Director who is guiding the whole team and also ensures accurate assistance when it comes to:-

1. Brand owners to fulfill their EPR targets as per guidelines issued by concerned authority time to time

2. Organising the unorganized Recycler/co-processor community, and through ecoex digital marketplace, while empowering the community also helps in incentivising them.

Nimit Aggarwal- EcoEx

EcoEx is the brainchild of Nimit Aggarwal, founded in September 2020 to connect recyclers and collectors from various parts of unorganized sectors who are willing to recycle plastic responsibly. One of the major causes of ineffective management of waste in India is the unorganized structure of the stakeholders of the waste management industry. Through the exchange of plastic credit certificates, EcoEx aims to bring the stakeholders of the waste management industry together.

Since September 2020, EcoEx has facilitated the exchange of more than 2000 tons, i.e. more than 20,00,000 kgs of plastic credit certificates.

As per various studies, waste generation in India is growing at a massive rate of 16% CAGR. The plastic waste management sector is one of the most rapidly booming markets in the world. It is forecasted that the plastic waste market would be worth INR 21000 crores in the next 3 years and EcoEx aims at capturing a decent percentage of the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business platform is EcoEx?

EcoEx is the first of its kind electronic marketplace that enables the secure exchange of plastic credit certificates from anywhere in India. EcoEx helps brand owners meet a vast pool of recyclers/coprocessors to fulfill their EPR obligation.

Can EcoEx bring about a change in the plastic recycling industry?

A plastic credit model is envisaged where a producer is not required to recycle their own packaging, but to ensure that an equivalent amount of packaging waste has been recovered and recycled to meet their obligation. However, producers are mandated to acquire evidence of recycling or recovery [PLASTIC CREDIT] from properly accredited processors [recyclers, W2E plant operators, cement co-processors, users utilizing plastic in the road] or exporters.

By introducing a digital ecosystem that makes the process of buying or selling these plastic credit certificates quick, secure & equitable, EcoEx, in hindsight, is enabling the efficient nation-wide implementation of the extended producer responsibility.

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