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First try on yourself and then preach

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Bhu Botanicals is a new and emerging skin care company from Delhi, India that has caught the attention of almost every skin lover. ‘bhu’ is a derivative of the word bhumi and bhumi means earth. The Company believes that earth and nature have so much to offer. The answers to most of the skincare concerns can be found with the help of the mother earth, and hence they keep going back to mother earth for skin solutions. The products of this company are focused on using a blend of natural substances that promote skin health and beauty. It also uses plant-based ingredients that are not only effective but provide beautiful skin with no side effects.

Bhu Botanicals was founded by Mahima Gupta, who used her knowledge of natural skincare to develop a line of beauty products that are designed to hydrate and heal skin. After doing extensive research, Mahima decided to open a company dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality natural ingredients that are known to have a positive effect on skin. She comes out with a range of products that nourish and restore the skin’s moisture content, and thus restoring the vibrant glow.

Fascinating as it seems, the world of skincare products can attract anyone and everyone; especially the girls! While the rich class has the privilege to get the most expensive products home; the middle class and the lower class do by dreaming them.

In a middle-class family in India, Ms. Mahima Gupta was growing as a studious girl who was not much focused on her physical appearance and beauty in the initial years of teenage. As she grew up, the time and need did arise to notice herself and acknowledge the beautiful skin and body gifted by nature to her. But much similar to the eyes of a recently settled girl, Ms. Mahima Gupta, thought that bringing in some skincare can help her improve her physical appearance.

The intelligent girl was more inclined towards choosing organic and natural products for her body care. The inspiration for going for natural and organic was from the soil she was born in. India is a country with ample natural resources. The intricate texts of Ayurveda speak about many herbs that can be used for skin and body care.

So, the search began! The search for finding organic and natural skincare products got entangled among a lot of skincare brands. The treasure hunt encountered claims which seemed to be so untrue for the price range while the brands that were too sure of their authenticity cost a bomb. Affordable skincare with natural and organic ingredients was only true in dreams.

This middle -class girl set on the way to formulate and design genuinely affordable, natural, and organic skin and body care products that are free of harmful chemicals and dyes. Ms. Mahima Gupta started studying research papers and texts related to organic and natural organic skincare products. The vigorous process of studying was followed by getting specific formulations developed according to the strict requirements of the founder of Bhu Botanicals. ‘From the house of mother earth’ is the tagline Bhu Botanicals proudly endorses.

From getting a lot of ingredients she uses in her products approved as ECOCERT and ORGANIC to completely avoiding usage of sulphate, paraben, mineral oil; the lady has made the skincare products made of organic and natural ingredients in affordable range live. The middle-class dreamy eyes can bring their dreams home with Bhu Botanicals where most of their skincare products are vegan.

How easy it may seem to get over the ‘fairness’ phase, but Indians still seem to be obsessed with fairness. Giving skin brightening a twist that can lower the obsession with fairness, Ms. Mahima Gupta’s Bhu Botanicals makes it clear that the skin brightening range offered by them is not at all a magic tool. It gets the skin the needed hydration, oxygenation, and nutrition helpful in reducing inflammation, and reversing photodamage, so that skin shines to its brightest and gets its natural glow back, the persistent glow.

Ms. Mahima Gupta knows no stop. The halts and speed-breakers in her journey will only take nature’s herbs to a lot more people.

The company continues to grow each year as more women take notice of Bhu Botanicals and all that it has to offer. It is now available in a variety of formats including an assortment of lip care products, an assortment of skincare products. Each product in the Bhu Botanicals line of beauty products is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients in order to provide you with beautiful, healthy skin that is completely disease and infection-free.

The brand also makes an excellent natural face cream and body lotion that are sold in conjunction with its cleanser and moisturizer. Bhu Botanicals Natural Skincare range also offers a large number of healthy skin cleansing and exfoliation products. The brand offers products for men and women and uses a special blend of ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, honey, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, wild carrot, ghee, rosewater, ginger root, and much more.

When it comes to purchasing your products, whether from Bhu Botanicals or another brand, you will definitely want to take care to choose ones that are made from organic ingredients.

Bhu Botanicals products are not only good for your health but are also very affordable and effective in achieving that perfect skin that you have always dreamed of. To get started, simply search for a skincare line like Bhu Botanicals and you will be amazed at the great selection that is available. You can find a line that fits your personal skincare routine and can begin taking care of yourself today!

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