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How To Start Honey Processing Business in India?

The entire focus of the central government is now on local manufacturing, local products, and small industries. This will fulfil India’s dream of becoming self-sufficient. The government is also focusing on expanding other rural industries along with Khadi. The government was encouraging honey production on a large scale to increase employment in rural areas.

The Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has also prepared a policy for this. In less than two years, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has given more than one lakh boxes to bee farmers and unemployed youths of the country. The Commission has done this under the ‘Honey Mission‘. If you are thinking of starting your business, then you can install the Honey House and Honey Processing Plant.

What is Honey Processing Business?

Honey Mission Scheme is the plan of the Khadi Industries Department. Through this, farmers and people who want to earn money can start earning big by starting employment. People can earn by beekeeping under the Honey Mission. Now such technology has come through which bees do not die while extracting honey. Wax and pollen are also made. With this, not only farmers but unemployed youth are also seen as a business.

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How Many Types of The Bees?

A total of 3 types of bees are kept in a box. These three types of bees include queen bee, male bee, and labour bee. The number of labour bees in a box varies from 30,000 to 1 lakh. In this, the number of male bees is around 100. In this, the number of queen bees is only 1.

What is The Age of Bees?

Different categories of bees have different ages. The age of a queen bee is 1 year, the age of a male bee is 6 months and that of a labour bee is about one and a half months.

Honey Business Process

Honey beekeeping is done in two ways. You can do beekeeping with the help of both bee farming and honey processing plants. Both processes are being described here.

Honey Beekeeping and Farming in India

  • Beekeeping is a better process, under which special care is necessary.
  • You can put beekeepers in your form for this task. These people are perfect in beekeeping.
  • You need to keep beekeeping at a place where there is no moisture.
  • Clean and natural water should be required at the place and it is much better if there are more trees.
  • You need a clean and spacious area for beekeeping so that the bees can plant a large number of hives.
  • A bee can keep a maximum of 10 frames of bees, but it is usually better to keep 8 frames of bees. This allows them to be easily taken care of.

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How Government Supports Honey Business?

If you want to install a honey processing plant under this scheme, then 65 per cent loan is provided by the commission and Khadi Gramodyog also gives you a 25 per cent subsidy, that is, you have to apply for only 10 per cent money.

Required Registrations and Licenses

You might require the below mentioned  permits and registrations  to set up a Honey Processing Unit;

  • Registration: The first thing you have to do is incorporating your own firm. Moreover, it is always advisable to incorporate a One Person Company in the starting stage of your business.
  • Trade License: You have to arrange a  Trade license from local state authority
  • FSSAI License: Honey falls under the category of the food industry. Hence, you have to collect an FSSAI License to start your business with honey in any manner. Also, you have to follow the guidelines of the Food Prevention Act
  • GST Registration: It is important to apply for GST Registration if your turnover is above the specified limit
  • Import Export Code: You have to collect the import-export code as well in case you are planning to export honey.
  • Bureau of  Indian Standards – BIS Certification: You have to take the BIS Certification

Get a Loan of 16 Lakh Rupees

According to KVIC, if you want to plant a honey-making plant of 20 thousand kilograms annually, then it will cost about 24.50 lakh rupees. Out of this, you will get a loan of about 16 lakh rupees, while you will get 6.15 lakh rupees in the form of margin money and you have to invest only about 2.35 lakh rupees on your behalf.

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What Will Be The Profit in Honey Processing Business?

One Lakh Rupee Will Be Earned Every Month

KYIC says that if you prepare a city of 20 thousand kilograms per annum, which costs Rs 250 per kilogram, 4 per cent of the working loss is included, then your annual sales will be Rs 48 lakhs. Out of this, all expenses which will be about 34.15 lakh rupees are reduced, then you will have an income of about 13.85 lakh rupees in a year. Meaning you can earn more than 1 lakh rupees every month.

Manufacturing Process

Let’s discuss the homey manufacturing process step by step.

Step 1: Hive frame

For the same, you have to remove the top part of the hive box, smoke it up to remove the bees. Then, take out the inner hive.

Step 2: Removing Beehive

Once you separate the inner hive, honey bees are removed using smoker, bee brush,  and electric blower.

Step 3: Unclamping Honey

After removing the bees, you can extract the honey with the help of a knife.

Step 4: Extracting honey

Honey extraction is basically a process of extracting honey suing different technologies.

Step 5: Filtering and Packaging

Generally, after the extraction of honey, there must be a lot of wax or scum that would remain in the honey. After filtration, honey is ready for packaging and distribution.

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