Steve Jobs Biography – Steve Jobs Success Story

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Today, there is hardly anyone who uses computers and mobile phones who would not know Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company. The smartphones from the iPhone and iPad series he created have revolutionized mobile technology. Dedicating himself to principles such as simplicity and ease of use in technology, he brought complex technologies like computers and mobiles to the reach of common people.

Thinking out of the box and defining technology as new were the hallmarks of his strong personality.

But his life has never been easier for Steve Jobs Biography in Hindi. His early life was full of confusion and turmoil and at that stage, as we know him, he had to face very difficult paths and problems to get there.

His life story is the story of a man who lived life on his terms and always tried to give the best technology to the world.

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Early Life and Career

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California. His real name was Steven Paul Jobs, who met his adoptive parents ‘Clara’ and ‘Paul Jobs’. His real parents (Abdul Fatah Jandali and Joan Karo Seibal) had a very poor economic condition. They did not want their child to have to live in a life of scarcity. So he decided to give Steve a couple who could raise him and give him a good education.

His father, Paul Jobs, was a machinist, so Steve would spend most of his time helping him with his father’s electrical workshop. It was this environment that taught them to combine things in the right way and create new things. Gradually electronic became his hobby. At a very young age, he had a good grasp on the subject. Later, this subject also became the path of his business and career.

In primary school, he was noted for his mischievous feats and unusual skills of doing different experiments.

After studying for 4 years in elementary school, for some reason, his parents shifted to another city in San Francisco, Los Alto. Here he was admitted to Homestead Secondary School. This is how he met Steve Wozniak studying in the same school. Who later became a partner in the Apple Company. Surprisingly, both the Apple Company had a keen interest in electronics. Both of them had mastered this subject. In this way, they became a good friend. Although Wozniak was older than Steve in seniors and age, the two did not mind having an interest in the same subject.

Reed College and Innovation

After completing school education, Steve Jobs enrolled at Reid College to continue further studies. But the fees of this college were so expensive that it was not possible for his parents to give it to him and even Steve Jobs did not like to waste his parents’ money, so he left college. However, he continued to attend some classes as an official student, but only in those classes, he would have liked to be present. In those days, due to lack of money, they could not pay the rent of their hostel room, so they would sleep on the floor of friends’ rooms and bring empty bottles of coke back to the shops so that they would get some money and pass to eat. He would go to the Hare Krishna temple, where he would get food for free.

In the meantime, he started learning calligraphy. Here he learned about the different types of typefaces, fonts, and layouts used in computers and created more than one new fonts and designs. The best typography seen today in Apple’s computers is the result of Steve’s calligraphy course! Excellent design is the only thing that makes people like any product of Apple company so much.

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In the year 1972, Jobs got his first job as a video games company Atari Inc. Found in He worked there for a few years. But as it happens, every human has a spiritual side of life and everyone’s way of getting it is also different. India was Steve’s place of spiritual fulfillment. Atari Inc. While working in India, he gradually started saving money to come to India. He came to India with his friend Daniel Kottke, who later went on to become an Apple Company-employee. Steve Jobs lived in India for about seven months. Coming here, he completely transformed himself internally and externally. Big haired Steve got his hair cut and started wearing traditional Indian attire.

After 7 months in India, he again resumes Atari Inc. Returned to San Francisco to work in the US. That’s where his friend Wozniak built Apple’s first computer in 1976. Apple’s first computer was built in Steve Jobs’ home garage after he and Wozniak partnered.

Steve Jobs said that the inspiration for making computers came when he felt the need for a personal computer for himself. They were not able to buy the computers present in the market at that time and also they were large and hard to use. Common people could not use them easily. He received support from retiring engineer Mike Markkula of Intel Company to pursue this work. Jobs also produced a sample Apple computer for his parents and girlfriend Brennan.

Foundation of Apple Company

The Apple company was officially founded in 1976 by Steve and his friend Wozniak. The purpose of which was to initially sell the personal computer Apple-1. It was first introduced at Homebrew Computer Club in San Francisco.

Within the first five years of the company, its revenue grew by an average of more than 700 percent.

The company’s IPO was launched on 12 December 1980 for the first time. Which made Apple a public company. At that time its share price was around $ 22, plus after Ford Motors Company, Apple became the highest-paid company from its IPO and not only did Apple’s IPO in any industry (company/business) in the world ), Nearly three hundred people made millionaires overnight.

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Death of Legend

Steve Jobs suffered from pancreatic cancer in 2003. He died on October 5, 2011, at his home in Palo Alto, California, because the disease was not properly treated. On this sad occasion, giants such as Microsoft and Disney mourned as well as mourning throughout the United States. He was only 56 years old at the time of his death.

Some Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was biologically half Arabic! Because his father was originally from Arabia and mother was from the United States.

Jobs were a pescetarian, which meant that they did not consume any meat other than fish.

According to Apple company co-founder Steve Wozniak, Steve had no idea about Programming. He never coding.

Once US President Bill Clinton invited Steve Jobs to spend one night in the White House.

The day after his death, on October 16, 2011, the Governor of California announced the day to be celebrated as Steve Jobs Day.

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