By defeating poverty and disability, this 11th pass boy created company of crores

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Who says you can’t dance without feet? Or can’t play? Or cannot live a full, successful and happy life? Today we are introducing you to one such inspiring personality who has proved that a complete body is not required to achieve dreams. Their success instills hope in all those people who bury their dreams under the circumstances of life.

Yes, today we are talking about living in Surat, Gujarat. Kalpesh Chaudhary About a successful entrepreneur named. Kalpesh has made his mark in the business world by defeating disability, it is really inspiring. But to reach such a high level, this person had to face countless obstacles from childhood.

Kalpesh was suffering from prolonged illness when he was 5 months old. He suffered from polio while battling sickness in bed for months. The body was already shabby due to illness and then polio completely gripped them. Unfortunately, he had to lose one of his legs. Polio snatched Kalpesh’s ability to walk but failed to beat his spirits.

Divyang Kalpesh developed the ability to fight challenges within himself from childhood and kept on going through all the obstacles that came in his way.


Kalpesh had understood that education would be his only support to move forward in the path of life. The father ran a small business and this was the only means of income. As Kalpesh grew up, his father started to join hands in the business and at the same time continued his studies as well. Meanwhile, his father also died.

After the father’s death, the mountain broke at home. Being the eldest son, all the responsibility fell on him. In the end, he decided to leave his studies and pursue his father’s business. Now Kalpesh had only and only challenges. On one hand, he was unable to walk, on the other hand, on the verge of closure, the business was to be accelerated and at the same time the burden of sister’s marriage, brother’s education, running of the family

Kalpesh sought to innovate with the objective of furthering his father’s business. In this episode, he first learned how to run a business while exploring a huge potential in the current market. He started the business of diamond supply and started from a small level and raised it to a height. Today, the one-year turnover of Kalpesh’s diamond trading business has reached several crores of rupees. This in itself is a big and unique success.

Kalpesh is leading a happy life today with all the comforts. He is also married and has two children.

Kalpesh looked very closely at all the challenges faced by a Divyang in the way of life and then he started and started a social organization for the welfare of the Divyang. Kalpesh’s success is worth reading for every person who wants success in life.

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