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How To Start Tiffin Service Business in India?

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How to start a tiffin service business? – A large part of the country lives away from home in search of bread and a good education. All of them have to bear the brunt of food from the beginning. If no one gets time to cook, no one knows how to cook. All these problems remain with those living away from home.

Everyone wants him to get home-like food. Because not everyone likes hotel food. To solve all these problems, business is flourishing rapidly in every city which is called Tiffin Service Business. By the way, this business is very old. You may have heard the name of Dabba Wala in Mumbai, which has been operating in Mumbai since about 1890, in fact, these boxes are Tiffin Service only.

What is Tiffin Service?

Tiffin service is a medium through which you get to eat at home. You can order this food at home or office anywhere. This food is transported through Tiffin and hence it is known as Tiffin Service. In Mumbai, it is known as Dabba Wala.

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Some of The Major Steps To Start a Tiffin Service Business

Choose The Right Place

Having the right place in the Tiffin service business plays a key role in making the business successful. For Tiffin Service, choose the place where more students live or job people live. So that you get more and more customers.

Necessary Equipment

Some special equipment is not required for this business. Just the tools used in the kitchen, you can take the same size according to your requirement.

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Required License and Legal Procedure

By the way, more people do not complete the legal process in this business and start their business directly. But if you want to start a big business in a legal way, then for this, some license and legal process have to be completed which is the following.

  • How to think about your business first
  • Select PVT or LLP for the company
  • Get a pan card for business setup
  • GST Number
  • FSSI License
  • Trade license
  • Health license
  • Shop Establishment Act licence
  • ISO 9001
  • NOC certificate
  • Prepare a nice menu

Before starting Tiffin Service Business, planning is very important, what kind of food you have to give, how many items you have to give, etc. Create a good menu for all these. While showing the menu to the customer, also take care that your customer likes to eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, accordingly you should show them the apna menu. Put some specials on the holiday on the menu, because people like to eat something special during the holiday, take special care of the festival as well and give them food accordingly. Keep changing items from time to time.

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Take Special Care of The Quality and Taste of The Food

In Tiffin Service Business, it is very important to have quality cleanliness and delicious food. Why do people take food with tiffin because they get food like home, so they give first importance to taste? If your food is tasty, then your business will grow rapidly.

Because after eating your food, people will tell their knowers, then in this way you will have more and more customers, which will increase your sales more. Also, take special care of food quality and cleanliness. So that you have a good name in the market.

Do as Many Brandings as Possible

Promote your business as much as possible to reach people. For this, you should contact the students and job people, tell them about your menu about your business. Apart from this, you can print the template and place it in places where more students or job people live.

Apart from this, you can also contact office people. Because some people want their food in the office too. Apart from this, you can offer your customer that they bring as many customers as possible, for which new customers will be given some discount.

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This is The Best Business For Women Too

This is a business that can earn well in low capital. So if a woman who is fond of cooking and wants to start her own business, then it is also the best business for them.

How Will This Complete System Work?

In Tiffin Service Business, you have to reach the customer at the place where the customer is told. For this, you can hire two to three people who will bring the food to the customer, and will also bring vegetables and other essential items from the market. To deliver food to the customer, you have to buy two tiffins from the customer and keep one tiffin and then bring the other one. In this way, if the customer has gone anywhere, then you can place one of his tiffins at his address or at his gate. Take care of Tiffin’s cleanliness.

Payment System

In the Tiffin service business, you can have a payment system in two ways. First coupon system, in this payment method, the customer takes the coupon from you and then when he needs food, he takes the tiffin by giving you the coupon. Second is the month system, in this system the customer has to pay full month’s money if you are unable to take food for any reason, then you have to pay the money for the whole month.

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Can Do This Work Together

Along with this business, you can order food at a party or school college function. In this way, you can increase your business further. If you also want to do business, then it is a very good business for you to start work at a cost. With which you can earn millions starting at a low cost.

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