Top 5 Reasons ‘Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong

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“People say the customer is always right, but you know what……they’re not. Sometimes they are wrong and they need to be told so”.

I know it firsthand because my dad owns a school and believe it or not today education runs like a business. Teachers are employees of that business and parents and students are your customers. Parents come over and argue with my dad over something they don’t even know the first thing about and they are mostly wrong. But you can’t upset a parent fear of losing them to your opponents. But guess what they are just not worth it. It’s better to lose them than making everyone miserable in your school. Because this kind of parent also bugs teachers giving them a hard time. If the teacher is not happy then they are not gonna give their 100% into teaching? Which is bad for any school business?

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Today I’m going to talk about ” Top 5 Reasons Customer Is Always” is wrong.

1. Giving Customer Abusive Power Over Your Employees

Some customers come over to your shop thinking they are divinity and that they can use and abuse their power over your employees. They’re gonna argue over everything degrade the employee who is attending them at the moment. They try to seek too much attention always complaining that person, who is attending them is not adequate? Asking for a manager always and demanding another employee to attend them. This also causes so much disturbance in the shop. Annoying other good customers who are shopping and minding their own business. For one customer you can’t make your employees and good customer miserable. You should take your employee side and politely tell that customer either they tone it down or leave your shop. Because happy employees equal satisfied and happy customers.

2. Because You Don’t Have Unlimited Resources

There is always this kind of customer who is always demanding something you don’t have? Asking you to meet their desires. You have limited resources, time, employees and you know you just can’t go out of your way to meet their desires for a little amount of money. Spending more to get that product and earning less. It’s just not worth the headache to ask your people to go out of their to get them that product and making not enough profit from it.

3. Customer Thinking They Are The Experts

Who knows your product better you and your employees or buyer?

The answer is obvious it’s you and your employees or the person who made it. For example, a person goes to your shop to buy a phone with one year period warranty. But after misusing that phone without properly knowing how the phone gonna works the customer comes back saying that the problem is in your product. It’s your employee’s job to be calm with them and politely tell them that they wrong that they were using it the wrong and explain it to them how it’s gonna work?

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Shep Ryken said, “Customer is not always right, but they are the customer, so if they are wrong, let them be wrong with dignity and respect”.

4. Making Employees Feel Inferior

Sometimes it’s not always about clients and what they want and needs from you? Sometimes it’s about those employees who are giving it their all to your work, working hard day and night? Whenever a customer comes into your shop no matter how hard time they are giving to those employees still they are polite towards the client. The client is not superior and your employees are not inferior.

When a client gives a hard time to your employees when they are nothing but polite and respectful. It’s time for you to choose your employee side tell that customer that they are there to serve them not to be bullied by them. Because if you make your employees feel that the client is always gonna be your priority not them? They are going to start resenting you and envy the customer and jealous and resentful employee is not going to give their 100% to your work. As much as you need an honest client’s you also need honest employees. Because a good worker attracts more clients to buy instead of the bad one.

5. Feeling They Are Most Important Customer Of Yours

Some clients feel like they are spending more money than the other client, who is present there they start thinking that they deserve more attention than the one who is spending a little amount of money? They are wrong in this matter because every client is equal it doesn’t matter if they are spending a great amount of money or just a few bucks. Because let’s be honest you rather have a client who spends a few bucks and is an honest person and respectful and polite towards your employees instead of the one who spends thousands of rupees but got a bad attitude and disrespectful towards your employees.

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