How To Grow Your Business With 5 Quick Strategies

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Maybe it sounds a bit trite and you don’t give it enough importance, but honestly, we have been able to get to know many businesses up close, there is nothing more certain than this.

These 5 Strategies To Grow Your Business

1. Increase Your Prices

As simple as that. If you have not raised prices by the beginning of the year, what do you expect? Most business owners, when I recommend this strategy, “hit the shout in the sky” and are afraid to do so, but the reality is that very few customers will complain about the increase in price, and even the vast majority or You will even notice. Those who will complain, surely, already complained about your prices. Try it if you want to a certain group of products and you will see how your business grows.

2. Sell in Package

See that you can add to your product or service so you can charge a little more, or think about how to package your services or products so that people buy you more every time they do business with you.

3. Recover Your Accounts Receivable

I know that this strategy is not precisely business growth, but many companies do not have a portfolio recovery system running consistently. Find the best CRM system to send letters, make calls, send emails, etc., so that your customers pay you on time.

4. Send a Newsletter or Newsletter By Mail

Send, preferably every week, a piece with a lot of valuable content to your customers. People love to hear about the business from which we have received excellent treatment, so make sure you stay present, sending them relevant news and information, and why not, asking them to come back through offers that you can include in your newsletter.

5. Invest in Social Media Advertising

Although the use of social networks does not represent any cost, it is necessary to invest frequently in social advertising or social media advertising.

A recent study indicated that people who use social networks spend an average of 37 minutes a day on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which makes it an extremely attractive market.

The main points you should consider before launching a social media sponsored campaign are:

  • Set measurable marketing goals.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Know the needs of your audience.
  • Choose the best channel (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
  • Research the different types of ads you can publish (how they work, how to use them more efficiently, etc.).
  • See what the competition is doing.
  • Optimize your landing or landing pages.
  • Test and measure different ad text
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