5 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in India

Small Businesses CRM Software

CRM is a software that helps you in improving the relationship with the existing clients to retain them for the long term. Therefore is no doubt in saying that it will help in finding new prospects and winning back the old clients as well. You can do all of this with an effective Small Businesses CRM Software list.

With the same software, you would be able to easily organize, collate and manage your client’s pertinent information. It also helps in improving customer relations, revenue and assists a lot in optimizing marketing efforts.

There are several Small Businesses CRM Software available that you can get for your start-up businesses in India. To provide ease to you we have come out with a list of 5 best CRM software for startups. Below is the required list that will provide the much-needed assistance to you.

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1. Salesforce – Small Businesses CRM Software

Salesforce is a US-based MNC that has its headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company is famous for developing software which is an exhaustive CRM solution. It is full of impressive features such as Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Contact Management, and Email Integration among others. Additionally, you can implement work, Sales Forecasting, Approvals, and Files Sync.

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2. Maple CRM

The Maple CRM software is one of the most trusted small and midsize businesses located in India. Currently, more than 500 companies are using maple CRM to deal with customers’ needs to satisfy them and retain them. This system has come out with Team Management & Access Control, Quotation Builder, Automated Lead Assignment, and an Invoice Builder. It is highly recommended by its users to run a smooth process.

3. SalesBabu CRM

This amazing CRM software is offering several features such as inventory management, sales service, expense and payroll management, online ERP, GST billing software and customer help desk among others. The present system is great at automating your business needs and improve sales with advanced technology.

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4. SalezShark – Small Businesses CRM Software

The SalezShark is again an effective CRM software which is helping small businesses in building a better relationship with customers. It is also assisting in improving sales. Also, it comes with cool features like Apart from this, out with amazing features such as marketing automation, sales automation, unified data solution, relationship intelligence, Outlook add-in for SalezShark.

5. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the most famous CRM system which is a combination of sales and marketing features to offer smarter selling and complete customer engagement. It also comes out with exciting features that include telephony, project management, appointment scheduling, lead scoring, marketing automation, email tracking, and mobile marketing, etc.

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Benefits of Small Businesses CRM Software

A powerful CRM system also helps you a lot to get a better sales graph. That’s why the investment in CRM software is worthy and crucial.

* Automate Leads: With the help of an impressive CRM software, you can easily automate the procedure of entering the lead data. It prevents the chances of making incorrect entries and human errors.

* Storing Customer Information: A CRM system makes sure about the complete confidentiality of customer details.

* Social, SMS, and Email Integration: CRM software also assists in running advertisement campaigns with targeted content.

* Tracking Sales: It also helps you be keeping a track of all details associated with sales which is difficult to do manually. It keeps track of everything.

* Improving Sales: By streamlining the communication across the sale funnel, this system is great at improving sales.

* Reports and Analysis: As major features like reporting and analytics also help you lot in marketing and sales automation.

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In conclusion, You should have a CRM software for your small business. It will be also helping at several stages of your start-up and an established company as well. The designed and formation are great to go with the multiple needs of the customers.

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