Stevia Farming Will Largest Market in the Future Startup

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To increase farmers’ income by 2022, the central government is now focusing more on cash crops, except traditional farming. The National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) is also working on this. The NMPB is pushing farmers to cultivate stevia, ie sweet basil. In addition to being a cash crop, the government is also giving subsidy on it, which is improving the economic condition of the farmers. The special thing is that once planted, you can harvest sweet basil plant for five years.

Stevia Will Have a Market of 1000 Crores By 2022

According to research by the Indian Agricultural University, stevia means sweet basil has 200 to 300 times more sweetness than sugar. For this reason, it is becoming an alternative to sugar.

Experts believe that by 2022, Stevia’s market in India will be around 1000 crore rupees. To benefit the farmers, the NMPB has also started motivating farmers for its cultivation. The NMPB has also announced a 20 percent subsidy to stevia farmers.

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