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TorcAI bundles OTT media for Media Planners

Mumbai, April 2021: Over the Top (OTT) media is one of the fastest sought-after media by Advertisers today. Due to increasing AD: TECH complexities, accessing the media, matching data is a big challenge from any advertiser. Using advanced Media Exchange “ION”, TorcAI is providing OTT media under one roof. This helps agencies to not only “IN-HOUSE” the TorcAI advanced Media Buying Tech but also get the best match and eCPM rates.

“A major challenge faced by digital Advertisers & Publishers today is that multiple non-transparent platforms bite into every ad dollar that advertisers spend and over 50-70% of the revenue goes away. TorcAI’s advanced platform brings in a fresh approach to enhance ROI by combining transparency with control.” says Rohit Verma, CEO of TorcAI Digital.

“Current monetization methods tend to restrict revenue growth due to their uncanny dependence of third-party ad servers which are non-transparent and opaque. TorcAI brings in remarkable transparency on floor pricing, and winning bid. Publishers now will not be guessing the price of inventory and who bought it, a common issue. The platform’s sole purpose is to yield maximization for digital publishers.” adds Raghavendra Agarwal, CTO of TorcAI Digital.

With this launch, TorcAI aims at creating a one stop access to OTT media and thereby leading to better cost efficiencies.


TorcAI is a Global provider of Advertising Technology Solutions to key stakeholders of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, TorcAI specializes in “IN-HOUSING OF AD: TECH”. IN-HOUSING is the fastest growing trend among large advertisers worldwide, empowering them to control data, media buy, and spend. TorcAI facilitates a platform capable of bringing ROI with Transparency for the advertiser. TorcAI’s technology powers top advertisers, publishers, ad tech companies like Paytm, Zirca, The Hindu, Netcore, Vertoz, and Poktt.

Established in the year 2017, the company leads the technology space, providing highly customizable audience platforms, real-time trading systems & Media Exchange. It is showing the fastest growth in the sector owing to its unique approach to digital advertising. TorcAI has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and London. Founded by Rohit Verma & Raghavendra Agarwal, TorcAI has provided technology solutions to enterprises in the ad tech and mar tech space, enabling them to monetize data assets and bring in competitive technological advantage.


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