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WhatsApp is Popular Tool For Small Startups Business

So far, you will only know one role of WhatsApp. That is to talk to someone. WhatsApp also provides call and video call facilities. Apart from all this, small traders can also do business on WhatsApp. If you want to start your business, WhatsApp will also help you. Many small businessmen are making big money by doing business here. One such businessman, founder of a startup business. With the help of the chat window, they will buy grocery from select vendors and deliver it directly to your home and this is the USP of their business.

This is how business is done on WhatsApp

He is signed up for WhatsApp business in the year 2019. He told a newspaper, “He has benefited a lot from the start of the app business. The main reason for this is that the users are already aware of WhatsApp.” They buy fish from select vendors in Delhi and sell it to customers. In Delhi-NCR, he gets 500 customers a month. About a year and a half ago, they had about 300 customers. They are trying to expand their business chat much small business Whatsapp line of him. For small businesses, it is a great tech platform.

10 lakh businessmen have been registered on Business WhatsApp in India so far

“The biggest advantage of doing business with the help of the app is that there is a direct communication between the customer and the service provider,” said Abhijeet Bose, head of WhatsApp India. So far, 1 million businessmen in India have been registered on Business WhatsApp.


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