10 Steps To Your Startup’s First Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Marketing is the key to any brand and its product to spread the words in between the potential customers that they want to sell their services and products to. In this modern digital world, you must use influencers from YouTube, Blog Sites, and Instagram, etc. But Hiring a big YouTuber, Blogger, or Instagram influencer is not enough. To promote your brand and product and to actually sell your services, you need an influencer. Who not only has a high amount of engaging audience, but you also need somebody whose audience trusts them and their words.

Still, there are so many steps to follow to get your marketing campaign going. So today, I will be guiding you with the help of these ten steps to your startup’s first influencer marketing campaign.

1. Be specific about your audience

Now to target the right kind of audience, you have to hire an honest influencer from a promising site. To be extra specific about what exactly I am saying over here, I will give you an example. If your brand sells beauty products, you need to put your ad through a beauty vlogger or beauty Instagram Influencer. You can’t hire a food blogger or vlogger to sell your beauty products. Same will go for the companies that are trying to sell a food product. You need to hire an Instagram influencer or YouTuber or even a blogger whose audience trusts their advice about any type of food or the products related to it.

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2. Hiring the best Influencer

When you are going to an influencer, the first thing you need to do is to see how many views these influencers get and their reach to their audience. Not every startup marketing campaign can hire a big shot influencer who demands high pay. But hiring an influencer with 10k to 100k followers or subscribers doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell your product. It’s all about the impact these influencers got on their audience and how engaging their audience is. If you do your research, you will see there are prominent YouTubers, Instagrammers, or Bloggers. Who doesn’t have committed viewers where a small influencer audience gets the right amount of views with a faithful and engaging audience.

3. Setting goals for your brand

It is essential that every company set goals for their business. When you hire an influencer, you need to be sure that in the future, that influencer will gain more followers and subscribers, and they can easily circulate recognition for your brand and that you will instantly get customers to buy your services. Throughout time, you need to keep on repeatedly putting the ads to circulate the words in between the new audience.

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4. Your Budget is important

Every company budget is significant. When you approach an influencer, you have to pay them according to their current audience and the views they will get. With a big influencer, you have to pay a lot of money where a small YouTuber with a good number of viewers asks for less money. You can also approach them while offering your products to them free as payment, and lots of companies provide the influencer with a specific code or link, and if their viewers buy the product from that link, they will get an exclusive discount on the product. This is the technique most of the marketing campaigns are using these days. But also keep your budget in mind how much you can offer them without any damage to your company’s profit.

5. Be careful about who you are approaching to sell your product

Now every company has so many influencers working for them and helping in selling their products. But as much as digital marketing benefits your company to grow quickly and to reach worldwide on a new stage. There are so many disadvantages to it also. Because there are so-called fake influencers all over the internet, who don’t have genuine viewers, followers, and subscribers, these fake influencers buy viewers and followers and subscribers.

So the only way to protect yourself from them is to do as I mentioned before, see how engaging their audience is if their followers increase in bulk suddenly. This means they are bought followers and won’t gain you anything from hiring such people. So to protect your company, you can use a website like “Influencer Marketing Hub’s checker” to see if their audience is real or fake.

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6. Be genuine about what you show your customers

These days customers are getting smarter and know their rights and who to trust and what is best for them. So instead of hiring an actor and actress and spending millions to make advertisements, start using real people and show them how these influencers use your products every day and how much it is benefiting them. People will love honest reviews and would like to buy your product immediately.

7. Stick to the rules if you don’t have room for negotiation

Whenever you want to advertise your brand or product, I am sure that you have a massive list of influencers that you would love to approach. But before you start reaching out to them, prepare a contract and a list of guidelines that you want them to follow like how many videos or posts they need to put on their social media account and what they can use and not before posting it. Be upfront about how much you can offer them they might try to negotiate the amount if you don’t have room to increase then be firm about it, and still, if they don’t agree, you can approach other influencers from your list.

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8. Follow up the data closely

It is essential that you make a list before you start your marketing campaign about how many followers and the visitors that you have in the present and the sale of your services or product on a weekly basis. There are apps and sites on google, which can help you to keep records of numbers. It is essential to follow up closely on how many visitors and customers significant influencers are bringing your way. So you can offer that influencer a special discount for their viewers.

9. Re-sharing is important

Just like every product and brand advertisement keeps on playing on channels every day. It is essential that your influencers keep on promoting your product from time to time, so the new people who are connecting with them find out about your brand.

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10. Last but not least stage

When your campaign ends, ask the influencers about the numbers of visitors and sales, they helped you increase. I know that you are already following these numbers closely, but it is important when you ask these influencers for the numbers if they overestimate or are being truthful with you about the numbers. It is crucial to find out if you can trust them if you have to work with them again in the future.

I hope this article was helpful to you as a beginner who wants to start their own marketing campaign.

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