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Women Entrepreneurship In India

In Today’s world, every time you look around you there is an Indian woman with an entrepreneurial dream. Earlier, women use to stick with the home-based business but now the story is different. Nowadays, women are more visible and taking the complete responsibility of building a business.

  • What is attracting women towards entrepreneurship?
  • What they have to face?
  • What are the different challenges?
  • What will assist them to succeed?
  • Does gender plays any role in the entrepreneur world?

These are a few questions raised. According to a recent survey, below are a few things that come out and which will of interest to entrepreneurs.

Be A Real Leader Not A Regular Boss – Women Entrepreneurship In India

Women entrepreneurs in India: Who, where, how big?

A decent number of entrepreneurs had started their business between the age group of 20to 30 people. The interesting fact is that 25 % of such women have already started up before turning to 25. It increases the number of women who started their own business without holding their first job. Most of them were either graduates or post-graduates.

Which cities are producing the highest number of India’s women entrepreneurs?

Bangalore is at the first number when it comes to the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India. Followed by Kolkata Chennai, the National Capital Region (NCR), Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad among others are there on the list. If we differentiate according to the industry, then IT/ITES, Professional services, Apparel/accessories, and Food & Beverages are the leading sections in which women have their businesses (59% of those surveyed). Most of the women-owned businesses are small/mid-sized businesses.

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Women Starting Businesses

A big number- 57% of women entrepreneurs had started their business individually and rest are co-founded. The chance of working creatively and being one’s boss is the top reason for starting their own company.
On discussing with budding women entrepreneurs it is clear that financial and marketing related challenges are the biggest challenges. There is no doubt in saying that today’s women are strong enough to run an organization effectively. They can also handle their household chores and can also help in building a strong economy.


It is a proud thing to say that Indian women are growing rapidly. They are accepting the latest trends and technologies and comes out as a strong competitor for others.

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