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Here’s What Investors Want To Listen From an Entrepreneur?

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The world of the startup is attracting every second person. Almost everyone has a dream of starting something of their own. However, people should be aware of the struggling journey to attain success. In the life of a budding entrepreneur, the most difficult thing is to raise funds from investors and convincing investors is not easy. Below are a few traits that an investor will look into your journey before signing a cheque.

Discuss The Plan, Not About The Money

While sitting around the table, you as an entrepreneur must we wondering how to start the discussion or begin the pitch. The experts of the industry suggest not to discuss the money, discussion about your idea and passion. It will help your company in the long run. During the discussion, entrepreneurs should be sure that their first priority is consumers and not funds. If you are good at selling your dreams and know how to get consumers then founders will come to you.

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Keeping Fundamentals Strong

An entrepreneur usually thinks about different strategies to calculate what an investor looks for while checking the term sheet. The answer is strong fundamentals. If the company has strong fundamentals then it will be easier for an investor to show interest in the entrepreneur and their business model as well.

Finding a Gap

Entrepreneurship is basically all about finding a gap and bringing new ideas and innovation to deal with the gap. Investors are ready to invest in your startup but only if you have the plan to fill the gap.
Cab aggregators Uber and Ola and food tech unicorns Zomato and Swiggy understood that need are thriving today by providing ‘convenience’.

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Not a Fancy Email

To attract investors, you don’t have to write a fancy email. To grab the attention of the investor, a fancy e-mail is not the right tool. Investors have a shortage of time that’s why catching the attention of the investor in the first two lines of email could be a great opportunity to crack the deal. Right timing is also a very important thing.


We all understand the value of funding in a startup. However, to attract good investors, it is always important to prepare a thorough plan and play accordingly. Don’t do things in a hush. Just play smartly, take your time and plan the things and the right timing as well.

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