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Be A Real Leader Not A Regular Boss 

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A leader and boss differentiate with each other in many factors. A boss whether a supervisor of any team or a manager of a whole company must always check their leadership qualities daily. Let’s understand a few facts about this trending topic.

  • For a boss to transform himself into a worthy leader, He/she should persuade, motivate and guide their team members.
  • More key skills to find in a good leader includes their ability to appoint authorities, facilitating open communication, heeding advice from team members and establishing clear worker hopes.
  • In a company, getting a good promotion to a management seat sound too good but it happens to be more difficult in reality. If we got promoted to a boss position, it does not necessarily state that we are a good leader in our work as well.
  • Many employees don’t like to work for a bad manager/boss as per the recent survey.
  • Bad bosses in the company are the prime reason why huge numbers of work efficient employees are quitting their job. A survey says that around 49% of employees found leaving their jobs because of the mentioned reasons.

Hence, we need powerful leaders in the work society who can guide their workforce in the right direction and can establish proactive communication.

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Distinguishing Leader and a Boss

Boss Orders While Leaders Motivates

The main differences in both positions are:

  • Boss’s Power comes from their rank in the organization while a leader’s power comes from their skill to motivate others.
  • A boss wants his/her employees to strictly abide by the company’s rules while a leader motivates his employees to think personally and to accomplish the end goal.
  • Employees working under a boss needs to be instructed from time to time to do certain work, while those under a leader always have high potential to do any work and will always find the required solution as they are already encouraged by their leader from time to time.

The first step in transforming from a boss into a leader is by increasing our effect on the team members. We need to take care of them, seeking advice and opinions from time to time and explaining your decision-making. In this way, people begin to follow us not only because they have to but they want to follow.

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Boss Justifies While Leaders Encourages

This is also the main check which distinguishes leaders from their bosses counterpart. A boss just says assign a task to the employee to work upon, thinking that they will have to understand it as it’s in their qualification.

A leader supports and guides a person throughout the task. He encourages them and creates zeal in them for their work. Without enough encouragement, a worker won’t realize its potential to give fruitful output. A good leader is one who can show them the significance of their work.

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Boss Acts as Strict Teacher While Leader Acts as Guru

It is in the genes of humans to do mistakes while in a work environment, as no one is flawless. The way of dealing with such kinds of screw-ups will determine whether we are a normal boss or a worthy leader.

  • Boss uses a reward and punishment system to prevent the wrong attitude.
  • Great Leaders use their support and guidance in such cases.

They can see the efficiency of an employee and evaluate their performance in a certain set of work and thus can allot tasks that are well suited for them. This way the employee can be acknowledged in their field and become proficient in it.

It is in the qualities of a leader to utilize the skills of workers to achieve a shared purpose. while taking note of the pros and cons of individual side by side and orienteering them accordingly and separately.

Instead of stressing on the missing element, leaders guide workers in their flaws and hence assure them in the areas where they are afraid to work on.

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Boss Assign tasks While Leader Assign Power

Bosses evaluate the target of their organization and follow strict procedures to get it done within the timeline. They assign tasks to their fellow juniors and go into a “control every part” mode. This is a temporary approach.

A leader, on the other hand, set long-lasting ideas for their team and use it as a main tool of encouragement.

A boss is interested in finishing tasks following a set of rules and usually gets it done by stating people what to do. Whereas a Leader has one thing in mind, finishing work with a notion of what is right and not only doing it right.

Leaders motivate the crowd and promote other’s growth and look to push dedication by setting them as an example to others to follow.

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Boss Feels Superior to the Team While Leader Constitute the Team

Bosses never take part in knowing their team members, as they think of them as their inferior workers while leaders invest their time in getting to know their workers and see them as equal contributors.

Leadership works based on the relationship between the organization and team members, creating a work culture that is devoted to a straightforward intercommunication system. Where one can clarify his/her dream vision to others easily. A leader is an expert in achieving this whereas a Boss is nowhere near this area.

To become a good leader, one needs to be authentic and honest. A leader should be one who can show their feelings to others and can connect personally with co-workers. If we fail in such areas as love and encouragement, our team will fail in these areas as well. A leader needs to stand up from the crowd and need to help their team to stand out from the crowd as well.

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How to Upgrade from Normal Boss to a Powerful Leader?

As we have discussed earlier, we can put up certain qualities like courtesy, two-way connection and lucid hopes for our workers, into our habits and environment to represent ourselves as a good boss or a powerful leader.

  • One as a good boss must always treat our workers with proper courtesy. A worthy leader always finalizes decisions and act according to the maximum benefit of the team and the company.
  • If one is thinking for the team and company, it will always bear good fruits for the supporters and the system.
  • A determined leader who wants to bring a good change will always think first of their fellow supporters.
  • The important thing to note is that a leader should always embrace a two-way communication with their teams, by not only advising them but listening to their thoughts and words.

A leader who heeds advice from their followers and workers always grows with good authority and results than a boss who just ignores all of it. The latter will also become a victim of loose employees who just won’t listen to him in the coming days.

To stand out from the crowd and become a good leader, one must be consistent in their work conduct, setting clear lines and clear workers hope so that the employees can know what they can anticipate from the organization.

It puts a lot of burden on the employees in their work field if they don’t know what to await from their team leader or manager in return. Too many changes in given tasks and differing hierarchies will only leave them feeling troubled.

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Functions of a Team Leader

The work of a team leader is more than just assigning projects and oversight workers. It is the leader who is liable for the success of the organization and as well as its personnel.

A Powerful team leader work following each individual’s pros and cons to bringing a profitable output.

Reference list for leaders to identify major functions –

  1. Making sure that the team has everything to create an efficient work output.
  2. Offer demanding and significant work
  3. Try to be Available and Reachable for our workers.
  4. Instead of Group meetings, focus more on one-on-one sessions with team members to empower career development.
  5. Have a tool to calculate efficiency and output.
  6. Ensure providing routine feedback, including both positive and beneficial slams.

Even if we don’t meet the above requirements, we can just focus on improving our qualities, matching with the above requirements and sought a response from our team in becoming a better boss and a worthy leader.

Note that “Most good leaders are once good bosses too.”

In the work environment, whenever one reaches a managerial role and start to develop their leadership abilities, it is normal to display some of the boss characteristics, but with time as we start overcoming these negative habits, we transform into a mighty leader.

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