How To Start Printing Press Business in India?

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Today we are going to talk about how to start the business of printing press. Friends, you must have noticed that weddings take place in every house and wedding cards are needed so that invitations can be given to the guests. For this, cards are printed from Printing Press.

Apart from this, you must have seen that Pemlets come with a newspaper to advertise many products or companies. Not only this, but you have also seen that visiting cards of many shops are made or pamphlets are distributed to tell about the opening or offers of many shops.

You must have noticed that there will definitely be printing press shops in your nearest market where this printing work is done. Today we will tell you how you can do this work sitting at home.

What is Printing Business?

Printing refers to printing, which means that the process of printing in an object, paper, etc. is called printing. This printing can be in any item, paper, cardboard box, clothes, etc. By printing business, we mean printing any design, text, sketch, photo, etc. on any item as per the wishes of the customer or by taking money from the customer in exchange for his Kamai. There can be many forms of printing business like Xerox / Paper printing, Textile printing, wallpaper printing, cardboard box printing, flex printing, etc. But the purpose of all forms of this business is printing, ie printing.

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How To Planing? 

  • First of all, you start the work of designing and along with this, grab the printing orders and get them printed by someone else and give them to the customer and make a profit.
  • Never do such a thing – put machine and labour in advance – go find work later.
  • What other printers are charging from this – Are you printing quality – Which machines do you use?
    You will know all these things and you should also learn how to satisfy the customer.
  • Designing training tells you how you will make these different designs and will be able to do better printing. Because of designing, these printers will also give you work.
  • When you start getting more printing orders in a month, Then you think of installing a printing machine
  • This way you will not be at a loss and you will be able to make money to increase your work.
  • Now you will also know which work is earning more and printing machines will also be employed for the same work.

What is Required For This Printing Press Business?

Friends, this is an industry falling under the category of small scale industry, you can do it sitting at home and earn 30000 to 40000 a month. First of all, we should come to the computer for this work. If you do not know how to run a computer, then you can hire an operator for it.

First of All, We Need A Computer

The software comes to the computer under the name Corel draw in which the work is done for the printing press. Visiting card templates, etc. inside Corel draw are first created inside the computer, the printing work is later. You will get a good computer from 15 to 20000. After the computer, you need a printer. If you want to print wedding cards and visiting cards etc. then you will get the best printer from 15 to 20000.

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Printing Machine

If you want to do the work of printing flex, then you will need a big printing machine for this. For this, you will have to invest a little more, this machine will come to your 5 to 6 lakhs. After that, you have to get a commercial electricity connection. For printing, you have to buy the papers for printing, as well as for flex printing, you will have to buy some material.

Work at Home or Rent The Place

If you talk about the place, then you can only do normal printing work at home and if you want to do the work of printing the wedding card of flex printing, then you have to rent the place. As I told you that if you do not know how to run a computer, then you have to have a computer operator who knows how to run a Corel draw and make a visiting card, wedding card, etc. inside the computer. After that you will need two to three people, you can keep them for work after seeing a proper salary.

Now You Will Know – What Kind of Printing Machine To Install

1. 12 x 18-inch Multiple Color Printer

Visiting Cards, I-CARD, Brochures, News Letters, Colorful Letter Pads, Project Reports, Book Covers, Hotel Menu Cards, Certificates, Invitation Cards, Passport Photos, Photo Albums, Small Calendars i.e.

All Kinds of Color WORK
Can print from thin paper-like handbill to thick paper-like visiting card.

Cost – Rs 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 (1.5 lakh to 3 lakh)
Labor – can do it yourself or 1 person

2. Mini Offset (MINI OFFSET) 15 X 20 inch

Bill Book – Bilty – Letter Pad – For Handbill – Single or Double Color –
Cost – Rs 1,50,000 to 3,50,000 (1.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs)
Labor – can do it yourself or 2 people

3. Flex-Vinyl Printers – 10 feet size (for billboards – banner-printing) 

Cost – Rs 6,00,000 to 35,00,000 (from six lakhs to thirty five lakhs)
Labor – 2 to 3 people

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Where To Buy a Computer and Machine?

A friend’s computer market has become very wide nowadays. We can also take computers from shops and many people sell it without shops. If there is a good computer vendor in your life, then you can buy a good computer, but you should have complete knowledge about the features inside it, otherwise, the computer of a low price will be handed over to you.

First of all, you should see the RAM of the computer, how much RAM is there, RAM should not be less than 4gb so that your work can be done easily. After that, you also check his memory to see how much memory is available inside that computer.

Flex machines can be found at the machinery market near you or on the online market. You can buy this printing machine from the online market of IndiaMart. The dealer’s numbers will be given there, you can contact this and order this machine.

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How To Become Customers and Promote?

You must have seen many pamphlets in the newspaper, first of all, this will be your medium of publicity. For this, you have to find a customer who will print their pamphlets and give them publicity through the newspaper, in which your printing press can be named.

After that, you can promote it by seeing your printing press’s ed monthly letter in magazines. Also, you can work in printing press work for monthly magazines. After that you can also print the cards of weddings happening near you, you can contact your relative or near ones and print them of good quality cards at a low rate.

You can make visiting cards of shops near you, for this you will have to contact your nearest shopkeepers. Apart from this, if you are doing flex printing work, then you will also have many students who have to get flex printed for their practical work. Most of the students training teachers come to print flex in large quantities. If he is an agent, then he also pays you more money for this. In this way, you can start the work of the printing press. So friends today we learned how we can start the business of printing press.

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