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How To Start Tissue Paper Business in India?

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The lifestyle of people is changing with time. Due to Coronavirus, most people are focusing on cleanliness. In such a situation, the demand for many things is going to increase. The business of making tissue paper or napkin is very useful in today’s times because the demand for paper napkins is increasing due to changing lifestyles. Tissue paper has already made its place in offices, hotels, and restaurants. But, now it is also going to be a part of people’s private lives. In such a situation, you have the opportunity to start the business of paper napkins.

The business of making tissue paper can prove to be very profitable. The business of making tissue paper can be started with the help of very few people, that is, it does not require much labour, here is giving all the necessary information related to this trade which you can read and make your tissue paper or napkin making. Let us tell you how the government can also help you in starting this business.

Materials Required For Making Tissue Paper

Friends, the material required to make tissue paper is mainly the same and that is the paper roll for making tissue paper that you will need and after that, you will be able to make tissue paper with the help of that roll.

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Cost of Raw Material Required To Make Tissue Paper

Friends, the roll of paper is of many types, one is lighter and the other is of better quality, if you buy this paper, you will get a paper roll from 60 to ₹ 80.

Tissue Paper Making Machine

The tissue paper making machine is fully automated, that is, it runs on electricity. Once the machine is attached to a plain paper roll, that is, the tissue comes out after the paper is made. The price of this machine is around ₹ 4 lakh 50 thousand. You can buy this machine and make tissue paper according to your size. By the way, the tissue paper sold in the market is 30 by 30 with a price of about  10, 20, and 30 different packets.

Space Required For Making Paper Napkins

Friends, if you start this business, paper napkin machine requires at least 600 square feet of space at the place where you will put it, you need at least 100 square feet of space for packing in addition to the installation of the machine. Will need more.

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Total Expenses For Setting Up Tissue Paper Making Business

To start the business you may have to invest at least between 5 to ₹ 6 Lakhs initially, however, you can start this business on a large scale by investing more money for setting up a large plant. In this money, the requirement of the machine, Ra material, wiring for the machine, and other financial resources is fulfilled.

Tissue Paper Making Process

Tissue paper is made in a very easy process. The business of making paper napkins is done by a single machine whose process is given below –

  • First set the paper roll in the machine at the given rolling place, from here a part of the paper roll will be placed in the machine.
  • If you want to make colour tissue paper, then you can add paper to it by adding the desired colour to the colouring
  • space provided in the machine, the paper has some kind of tags like the name of a hotel or restaurant or any kind of
  • logo if you want to make it. Can put rubber tag in the same colour channel.
  • From here, part of the paper roll is embossed in the machine for further embossing. Passing through the embossing
  • roll, the paper roll becomes transparent in a way, as is often the tissue paper.
  • After embossing from here, the paper enters the folding section of the machine, the paper in this section folds and cuts like tissue paper.
  • After cutting the tissue paper is completely ready.

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Packaging of Tissue Paper

After the tissue paper is made, special attention has to be paid to its packing. You can use your registered tag, logo, or trademark for packing friends. Prepare your trademark printed plastic packet and you can prepare one packet by putting 50 tissue paper in each packet. If you want, you can also keep 100 papers in a packet as per your requirement and after that, you can set the price and sell it in the market.

License Required For Tissue Paper Making Business

To start this business you have to get some licenses which are as follows –

  • To start this business, you must first register your company.
  • You have to get a trade license.
  • You have to get a NOC certificate from the State Pollution Control Board.
  • After this, you will have to register for the Aadhaar Aadhaar.

Tissue Paper Marketing

Friends, as you know that in today’s market, the demand for tissue paper ie paper napkin is very high, it is very much used in many places keeping in mind the cleanliness. Its good thing is that it is a recyclable and biodegradable item. That is, it does not cause any harm to the environment. Tissue paper consumption is increasing by about 12% across the country each year, which is why the tissue paper industry is slowly growing.

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Annual Turnover Of Around 1 Crore

In this business, you can produce only 1.50 lakh kg of paper napkins in a year. To do more than this, you will need to get approval and after production, it can be sold in the market at the rate of Rs 65 per kg. If you produce 1.50 lakh kg of paper in a year, then according to 65 rupees your turnover will be about 97.50 lakh rupees. If you remove all your expenses from this, then you can save up to 10 to 12 lakh rupees in a year.

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