Top 30+ Business Ideas For Housewives

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Where there was a time when women used to take care of household chores and stove-chowks as the purpose of their lives. But today in the 21st century, women want to be self-sufficient and live with self-respect. She also wants to work and earn money for the bright& Secure future.

But sometimes due to the responsibilities of children, elders, and households, they are unable to go out and work. That’s why they are mostly looking for some business from home. If you are also thinking of doing profitable business from home, then through this article, we tell you some such business ideas which you can start and earn a good profit sitting at home:

Best Business Ideas For Housewives

1. Coaching Class

If you are educated, and you are also interested in teaching children, then you can start a coaching class business from your home. You can decide the class, subject, number of children, fees, etc. according to you. In addition to this, you can also organize winter camps in winter and summer camp in summer at your home, in which you can train children in calligraphy, mehndi, craft, painting, dance, music, etc.

Coaching Class
Coaching Class

For marketing this business, you can use social media and offline marketing strategies like pamphlets, hoardings, etc. Also, you can tell this business verbally to the people around you.

2. Tiffin Center

Every woman knows how to cook, but if you have the magic of taste in your hands, you can start your own Tiffin Center from home. For this, you will have to free up some space at your home and buy the necessary materials like utensils, stove, packaging material, etc. Also, you will have to get a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. To grow this business, you can also earn good money by tying up with hostels, hospitals, and offices, etc.

3. Artificial Jewelry

Nowadays the trend of artificial jewellery has increased, whether rich or poor, today everyone likes to wear them. You can also do an artificial jewellery business from home at a low cost, and earn good profits. For this, first, you will have to search for its wholesaler who can provide you with good designer jewellery cheaply, as well as the price of jewellery will also have to be thoughtful.

Artificial Jewelry
Jewellery Making

You should also keep in mind that all the jewellery should be kept as per the customer’s choice and according to the trend (do not keep jewellery). Going forward, you can increase it even further and also connect with big brands.

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4. Re-Selling of Clothes

Nowadays the trend of wearing clothes in accordance with fashion has increased, everyone takes a dress of their choice by giving mouthful money to look good. Therefore, the business of selling clothes is also going on today. You too can start a business of re-selling clothes and earn a good profit and become self-sufficient. For this, you will get the initial cost, but once the business is running, the cost will also be profitable.

You can start this business from home or a shop. You can keep hosiery, nightwear, party wear, kids wear, sari, etc. in it. As the business progresses, you can also arrange blouse stitching, fall, pico, suit stitching, etc. to tie up with others and provide them to your customers.

5. Home Baker

If you are interested in making cakes, pastries, chocolate, etc. then you can establish yourself as a home baker and earn a good name and money. For this, first of all, you will have to learn all the things related to baking and also buy all the things related to baking. You have to get an FSSAI license and GST number. You can market it through social media, food festivals, and pamphlets, etc.

6. Soap Making

Nowadays the trend of herbal, designer, and aromatic soaps has increased, everyone is preferring herbal and Ayurvedic soaps. So you can also make soap and sell them at good prices. For this, you will first have to take training on it, and you will have to buy the material that is used to make soap, such as mould, herb, base, etc. Once the business is doing well, you can increase it further and make perfume, DO, room freshener, etc. and sell it.

7. Card Making

Whether it is birthday or anniversary gifts and the practice of giving cards is nothing new, but yes designer cards are much preferred nowadays and the thing becomes even more if it is a handmade gift and card. With all these things the business of card making is going on with great noise. Today everyone likes to get a customized card of their choice, so if you have the skills and you can make cards and gifts of people’s choice, then this business is just for you.

You can also market it by listing on online selling portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and also make people aware of the business on social media platforms.

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8. Freelancing Content Writing

If you are a good writer, and you want to earn from your pen, then you can start a freelancing content writer business. For this, you will have to convey your writing skills to the people, so that they can appoint you for the work of writing.

Freelancing Content Writing
Online Blogging and Website

You must keep in mind that your language is good to hold, and your writing style should be simple. You can also take a course in mass communication to move forward in this field.

9. YouTube and Blogging

If you like writing and you like to reach people to the world, then you can start your own YouTube channel and blog. This is also a good means of earning from home today. You can start your blog and channel according to your interest like food, technology, health tips, etc.

10. Online Photo Selling

Are you a good photographer? Do you like taking photos if yes! So you can also earn from your interest, that too sitting at home. Today, there are so many portals on the Internet that can give a good price for a photo, provided you have taken that photo yourself and it is accurate and attractive. You can easily run your business by becoming a good food photographer, wildlife photographer, travel photographer, etc.

11. Digital Marketing

In today’s Internet world, digital marketing has become very much needed. Everyone wants to connect themselves with people through social media, so if you become a digital marketer, then you can earn good profit from this business.

For this, you are required to know about computers, digital marketing tools, social media, and some software. You can also do a good vocational course to get a good idea of ​​digital marketing, and then start your own company from home and do business.

12. Form Filling and Data Entry

Nowadays, due to the internet and online work, most of the companies need data entry operator to do data entry on computer or portal. Therefore, you too can earn a lot by sitting at home and filling data form. For this, all you need is a laptop and internet. You can find these jobs through the internet and job portal.

13. Financial Advisor

If you have a good knowledge of finance and can advise people on the issue of money (money matter), then you can easily become a financial advisor. The Financial Advisor helps and suggests people run their finance (finance department) smoothly.

Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor

You can do this work for a company or many others. You can give them the right opinion on their income, expenses, and investment, which can help in preserving their accumulated capital for the future.

14. Freelance Business Development Executive

Do you have a smartphone and a laptop? Do you hold your language? So you can easily start your own business of business development executive. You can help many companies increase their business and bring in new clients.

For this, you will have to make phone calls to clients and companies right from home. This is the target base work and on your positive calls, you get some percentage of the revenue of the company. You can do this work for many companies simultaneously.

15. Candle and Incense Sticks Manufacturer

You can also start the business of making candles and incense sticks at home. For this, you can also hire some workers together, so that you can increase production. You can also make them by hand and if you can take its machine, then you can also automatically make both these things.

For this, you will need raw materials, moulds, thread, kadi, etc. along with abundant water and electricity. Before starting this business, you have to register it in the small scale industry and have to open GST, PAN and current account in the name of the company. You can make good profits from this business and if you want, you can also tie-up with a company.

16. Making Pickles

Even today, pickles have a huge hand in making food tasty, as well as it is also good for health. Today there are many different types of pickles available in the market, but homemade pickles are something else. If you also know the recipe for making delicious pickles, then you too can start the business of making pickles from home.

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For this, you will need spices, oil, utensils, barneys, and clothes. You can make seasonal pickles of chilli, Kerry, mango, turmeric, lemon, etc. in this business and make a profit by selling.

17. Making Papad

Who does not like moong and gram papad, it is mandatory to have it with food. So if you know the method and art of making papad, then you can easily start its business from home. For this, you can make papad in two ways, one by rolling it by hand and the other by purchasing its machine. For this, you will need different ingredients like spices, flour, oil, cylinder, chakra.

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18. Organic Farming

If you have a large garden at home, and you are interested in gardening, then you can grow vegetables and fruits locally at your home and earn a good profit. For this, you will need things like empty land, fertilizer, soil, seeds, water, sunlight, etc.

Organic Farming
Organic Greenhouse

Nowadays the trend of organic fruits and vegetables has increased, you can easily grow them at home. You can also tie up some vegetables to sell vegetables.

19. Tupperware

How can we forget Tupperware whenever it comes to plastic containers? Tupperware containers (bins) are known for their quality. This company appoints a representative to sell its products, you can also earn a good amount by becoming a representative of Tupperware.

For this, you have to pay the joining fees, plus you have to sell the Tupperware containers in your network. The company gives you these containers at affordable prices and you have to sell them by adding your profits to the customer. In this business, you can also make a series and from that, you also start earning.

20. Beauty Parlor

No woman is fond of grooming, all women want to make themselves beautiful and attractive for any festival. Nowadays, even in daily life, there is a competition to look beautiful, it is common for women to go to the beauty parlour. So you too can open your parlour and start earning by making women beautiful.

You can start this business from a room in your house, you will have to buy some essentials for this business like a chair, glass, bed, cosmetics, some machines (hairdryer, Straightener, wax melter), etc. Nowadays there are professional courses in this business which you can be experienced in this field.

21. Cosmetic Sailing

Cosmetics are in great demand in the market today, in the last few years, the sector has made a lot of profits. Today, cosmetic companies like Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbal Life are giving their representatives a chance to earn money. For this, you have to take its membership, later you have to sell the products of these companies in your network, friend circle, etc.


These companies offer their products to the representatives at a cheaper price, which the representatives have to sell to their customers with profit. These companies also offer a variety of attractive gifts from time to time to encourage their representatives.

22. Day Care

Nowadays most of the parents are working, in such a situation, they have to ask for a safe and good place to take care of their child. They find a good place to take care of their child, so if you are a duodenum and you love children, you can start daycare at your home.

In this business, you have to take care of the children, as well as take care of their food and drink. For this, you may need some toys, beds, mattresses, books, etc. You can also hire a babysitter with you. The number of staff may depend on the number of children. With this business, you can earn a good income sitting at home.

23. Sweater and Stall Making

The matter of hand made sweaters, stalls, shirts, and capsules are different, even today, the attraction of these handmade items remains in the people. If you too are a master of making sweaters and stalls made of wool or thread, then you can start your business. For this, you can find customers through social networks, friends circle, and your groups.

In winter, you can order things made of wool and in summer you can make things made of thread. The cost will be negligible but the profit will depend on your skill.

24. Soft Toy Making

Children love toys, and if you come to make them, then you can earn good money by offering cartoon characters and children’s favourite characters as soft toys right from home.

25. Hobby Classes

Due to TV, the attraction of people for dance and music is increasingly large, if you have this skill, then you can make a big difference in your income right from home.

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26. Birthday Planner

You can also serve as a birthday party planner for children around you whose parents lack time, this can also be a good employment option.

27. Art and Craft Classes

If you have imagination and you are fond of making new things, then you can increase your income by starting art and craft classes from home.

28. Web Designing

If you know the computer then you can learn web designing and do web designing from home and can stand on your own feet.

29. Project Maker

Projects are made by the children on the day of their arrival in public schools, which become a problem for the parents right now, you can earn a certain amount of money by helping them.

30. Home Translation Job

If you have a good knowledge of 2 languages, then you can start earning from home by working as a translator or translator.

31. Yoga Center

For those people who are looking for yoga peace in the life of this stressful and runaway race, you can start a yoga centre from home and start a new source of income.

Yoga Instructor
Yoga Instructor

These were some of the businesses that you can start from home at a low cost and can give flight to the dream of becoming an entrepreneur yourself.

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