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In this modern world of digitalization, the Internet has taken over almost every aspect of life. Be it shopping, teaching, learning, gaming, dating, you name it, the internet has conquered it all. So how could the marketing and advertising sector stay behind?

Ever since the rise of the Internet and so social media, there has been a tremendous increase in the trend of Digital Marketing. Its simply the use of smartphones, laptops, social media, search engines, and other similar tools to reach and engage a larger audience.

And one such important channel of digital marketing is Email Marketing. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing through emails.

Some important purposes of email marketing include enhancing customer- seller relationships, generating customer loyalty, gaining more customers, getting better customer feedback, among others.

Advantages of Email Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Adopting email marketing over other alternatives for marketing can be beneficial to you in a lot of ways. Here are a few top reasons why you should consider choosing marketing through emails.


Email marketing is so much cheaper than most of its alternatives. Unlike traditional marketing, where you need to spend your money on a lot of different XXXX, by choosing email marketing, you only need someone to draft and design your email in an attractive and eye-catchy style. Email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing options available to you.


It’s also a really fast and efficient way of reaching your customers and subscribers. With an email, you can reach hundreds and thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

Highly Trackable

Email marketing enables you to easily track your reach and provides you with instant feedback on your content. With just a few clicks, you can have complete data on how many people you have reached, and so far, how they are liking what you have to say to them.

Flexible Design

You can always customize your ideas and plans, very easily through email marketing. You can also target different groups of customers depending on their age group, gender, interests, by making just a few changes in your marketing plan without any extra costs.

Reach to Larger Audience

Unlike other modes of marketing like Radio and Television, email has a relatively larger scope. You can reach a larger and wider demographic of customers by adopting email marketing.

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Email Marketing Trends In 2020

We are sure, after knowing all the benefits you could avail from switching to email marketing. You are considering how to implement it into your business. That’s why we have compiled a list of ten trends you should follow for a successful marketing strategy.

1. Customized and Interactive Emails

Generally, most people often classify any kinds of promotional emails as spam because of the monotonous tone and dry XXX. But you can easily overcome this problem by making your emails more interactive and personalized so that the end-user can feel more included in the conversation. You can also personalize your emails, depending on who you are sending it to, like customers, future customers, or any interested parties.

2. Voice Interface

In this busy life, if there’s a shortage of anything, it certainly is Time. Very few people have the time to read all of their emails every single time. The perfect solution to this is including voice interfacing in your emails so that the reader can easily multitask while listening to your message. This certainly can make sure that none of your emails is sitting just sitting in the inbox unread.

3. Engaging 3D Graphics

Including some engaging 3D graphics and media in your emails can make them more interactive and appealing to your audience. You can always spice up a simple and boring email to a catchy one by using a fun gif or a short video to it.

4. Eye Capturing Images

 Just as mentioned above, using an eye-capturing image, be it in the background of as a part of the email, can instantly perk up the reader’s attention. So even if it’s a product promotion or just a random picture that can brighten your day, never hesitate to throw in a pic into the picture.

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5. Creative Typography

How boring it is to read every text and email in the same old boring font every single day. Sometimes people are just put off by a message looking at the plain boring text staring back at them. You can overcome this problem by using a creative font or style to instantly make your email stand out in an inbox full of simple boring mails.

6. Minimalistic Design

Try to keep your emails engaging and all but try not to over clutter them by complicating them too much to the point that the reader is simply too confused just by looking at it. And no one wants to open an email that is going to slow down their system because it comes with so much baggage.

7. Mobile-Friendly

With more smartphone users rising every year, it’s a smart idea to adopt and design emails that can be easily read on a smartphone, without seeing a bunch of mismatched and jumbled texts. And realistically speaking, it’s more likely that customers have more access to their phones throughout the day than their laptops and desktops.

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8. Shoppable Posts

Also, no one has the time and patience to start a new tab or a browser to look into what more products you offer. So if you can design your emails in a way that the customer can directly access your site from their email, it’s more likely that they will click on your products and maybe buy them too.

9. User-generated Content

If, while reaching out to your current or future customers about your products, if you can include any feedback or reactions of your previous customers, then they are more likely to trust what you are claiming than having to simply take your words for it. This may encourage them to try your products and experience for themselves what everyone is raving about.

10. Giving Users The Control

Sometimes, some companies and businesses try to push promotion emails down your throat to the point that you are forced to unsubscribe from their email list. So it’s a better option to let the subscribers decide which and how many emails they want from you. Let them customize what they want to hear from you rather than send either too many or too few emails.

So we hope that our top tips benefit you in trying to expand your marketing strategy and help you reach more new customers and develop a better relationship with your existing ones.

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