Startup Ideas After The Lockdown

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Getting rid of lockdown is not easy. Even more difficult is what the government will do to cover the damage done when the government removes all the restrictions. Those who were about to start a new business startup were completely ruined. What will he do now? After the lockdown, there will be some rules that will make the cost of new business and startup expensive but some new types of products will increase the market demand. Some new opportunities for business will emerge. Let’s read some new business/startup ideas:

1. Corona Oven Sales

Bengaluru’s Log9 Materials start-up has created a product called Corona Oven, which can kill bacteria and viruses present on various surfaces. For this, it uses Ultraviolet C-Lite. Its design is like a chamber, in which goods can be kept and sanitized. The company claims that viruses can be killed in 10 minutes. Its demand may increase in times of epidemic.

2. Production or sale of hygiene hooks

The DDB Company of London has made the door open without any hands. Which is small enough to easily fit into a pocket. One such hook has also been made by experts at Stanford University. All these are being made from such materials, which are easy to clean and on which the viruses cannot survive for long.

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3. Virus Mask

Masks usually prevent the virus from entering the mouth and nose. But the virus may remain on the outer surface of the mask. To solve this, the London company Wirestatic has made a mask that prevents the virus from going inside and dies. The antiviral coating on it can kill 96 percent of the virus.

4. Anti-Bacterial Fabric

Israel’s start-up Sonovia has designed cloth to protect against bacteria and viruses. It is believed that it is also effective in protecting against coronavirus, so this start-up has distributed 1.2 lakh masks made of this fabric in Israel. The fabric of doctors and health workers can also be made from this fabric. The company claims that the quality of the fabric will remain for a long time and it can be washed up to a hundred times.

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5. Corona Shield for Car

Indian start-up Droom has launched a service called Corona Shield for trains. Under this, such anti-microbial coating is done, in which bacteria, algae, etc. do not stick on the surface of the car. It is using microbe shield technology, which sanitizes the car and prevents microorganisms from flourishing. The company’s medicine is that once this treatment is done, its effect can last up to 4 months. The start-up has currently started using it on police vehicles in Gurugram.


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