These 4 Tips will Help You in Career and Startups

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Along with hard work, time management is also necessary to get success in career. Time management means finishing every job at the right time. Many times our works are not completed and time passes. We do not know where the time has gone. In such a situation, 4 tips can be used to manage time.

1. First of all, find out where your time goes. For this, track your work and time for a week. That is to note which work was for how long and how much time did you take in it. Also, which work was not necessary, but you gave your time in it.

2. Make a list of the major work to be done the next day/week. Also note that the work may take you so long. This planning will help you to do all the work on time.

3. Set the tasks in the list on the basis of priority which work is most important and the first thing to be done.

4. Make an estimate of the time taken in priority works and also in less important works. If a work is of 1 hour, then take extra 15–20 minutes as a margin. If you are taking more time in that work then you will be able to know where and how the time was spent.

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