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How To Earn Money by TikTok Business Model?

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In online business ideas, today we will learn about the fast emerging video making app TikTok business model. In the last two years, this application has created a boom. Nowadays everyone is happy to show their talent online on TikTok.

Sometimes it is heard that many qualified and talented people are earning a lot of money from TikTok but this is not true, with TikTok you make money like you make money through a blog or youtube.

Before knowing about the TikTok business model, we need to know where and how TikTok started and how quickly it became such a famous application.

Starting of TikTok Online

TikTok is an ios and android application launched by China company ByteDance in the year 2017. Before TikTok, ByteDance launched the application in a Chinese version called Douyin. It is also similar to TikTok but acts as a local App in China and it is in the Chinese language. Both TikTok and Douyin work in a similar way to lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

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TikTok is an international version of Douyin. Censorship restrictions in China are quite stringent so Douyin only works on Chinese servers while TikTok works with its servers in every country.

ByteDance created and launched Douyin 2016 after nearly 200 days of hard work. Within a year, Douyin completed nearly 100 million users and 1 billion views, a record in itself.

Seeing this success, ByteDance launched TikTok online for the international market in September 2017. In January 2018, TikTok online became the most downloaded app in the world.

How Much is TikTok Online Worth? 

Today’s TikTok business means the price in 2019 is around $ 75 billion. It is the fastest-growing company, the company launched in September 2017, TikTok took over the world market very fast. This is a record in itself.

Facebook is currently valued at around 500 billion, while the value of the Apple company is estimated to be around 950 billion.

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Who is The CEO of Tik Tok?

The company that made the TikTok app is Bytedance, a Chinese company, and was founded in 2012 by Yiming Zhang, a technology entrepreneur. ByteDance is famous for creating similar apps.

How Much is Musical.ly Worth?

Two old friends Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang, also a software engineer, made musical.ly in Shanghai, China, but there is an interesting story behind it.

Before making Musical.ly, these two friends were working on an educational social network (education-related social app), they developed an educational social app by working hard for about 6 months and investing money from the investor, but it did not work, meaning, there was not much fame among the people. The money was invested by the investor and Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang and their team also worked hard and it was decided to make something more out of the remaining money and focus on the entertainment industry.

The main idea to create musical.ly was to create an app or platform whereby short music and video can be put on social media.

When the team of Musical.ly started working on it, people did not have so much craze for short videos, the main focus of the team was that everyone can easily combine music (music) with short videos. With the combination of music and video, there was a tremendous boom in both entertainment and interest and this idea became a hit.

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ByteDance Bought Musical.ly on 9 November 2017 For Around 1 Billion

On November 9, 2017, ByteDance took the increasingly famous music app (musical app) musical.ly. ByteDance spent about $ 1 billion to purchase musical.ly, a Shanghai city-based musical social media company that also had an office in Santa Monica, California, USA.

The musical.ly app was purchased as a target for young children. Because it was very popular and liked app among children.

How Does TikTok Make Money?

Since TikTok is not monetized like youtube and google right now, no payment is made by advertisement when you put a video on it like ads are shown on your video on youtube, similarly, if your blog is Google Adsense approved then there too Ads are seen which gives you some advertising revenue. This is not the case in TikTok, but work is going on on it, maybe a good plan may come in the future.

Now you will think, what is the benefit of making videos and working hard so that nothing will be earned, it is certain that if you do not earn, then it will not work in the name only because people spend a lot of time in making videos and manpower It also costs money.

Right now Tiktok business earns money by selling smileys and stickers which is very less compared to its customer base now.

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Let us know how you can earn money if you are a TikTok celebrity and in a significant amount.

  1. If you are TikTok celebrity then you can do brand endorsement means include the brands in your video and return you can charge some fee from the brand.
  2. You can shout out the name of the other emerging TikTok user and you can also charge something for it.
  3. By contacting local and well-known shop owners of your city, you can promote them in your video.
  4. You can sell your goods online and promote them easily on TikTok.
  5. You can earn some commission by selling another seller’s product.


In this way, you can earn your entertainment as well as money through TikTok. Maybe, seeing your ability and performance, someone will give you a chance to work in a movie or TV serial. As far as my experience, people like to watch comedy, laugh, watch videos and forward their friends. Then what is the matter, immediately pick up your mobile and download it quickly and start making videos.

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