Coworking Space- Is It a Great Business Model For You?

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Coworking space is a place where people from many sectors or companies can sit together and work comfortably. Coworking space is such a place from which you can run your office without caring for office furniture and internet, telephone etc. facilities. You get everything available here.

Coworking space is also a kind of start-up, the Internet has increased the possibilities of the business manifold, people are trying various types of start-up, Coworking space is also one of them.

New start-ups are coming in the internet and online world, when you start any work, the first requirement is that you have an office, co-working space companies meet this requirement well, as much as you can book a place in your nearest co-working space according to the need of the seats, you do not need to go through space, furniture, office boy, internet, etc. to open your office.

Co-working Space Business Model

Any start-up has to take care of the following to open his office,

  1. The office is in a good location.
  2. Connectivity with road and metro should be easy.
  3. The seminar room, meeting room, wi-fi connection, cleanliness, etc. should be available in the office.
  4. Employees or clients should also have coffee, tea, or pantry space which is a basic requirement.

When you start your start-up, it is very expensive and difficult to maintain these facilities in one place, to deal with these problems, new start-ups came to the ground which we know as Coworking Space.

Who is The Co-Working Space Enticing?

Coworking space remains the first choice of today’s younger generation and Entrepreneurs, with some special needs being able to cater through the co-working space. like

  1. If you are a blogger and want to open an open seminar with your followers, then Coworking space is a better place for you.
  2. Co-working space can be an option if your company has an office but does not have enough space for a seminar or annual meeting.
  3. If you are a Digital Marketer and you also have a small team, then Co-Working Space is a better place for you.
  4. If you work from home (Work from Home) and want to change the atmosphere slightly so that you have a professional feel, then you can book a seat in the nearest co-working space.

Benefits of Coworking Space

When you work from a coworking space, it has the following advantages.

  1. You already get a wi-fi connection, coffee, tea vending machine, seating area, table, chair, couch, etc. in the coworking space.
  2. While many companies work in a co-working space, the greatest opportunity for an entrepreneur is to grow their network. Many people get a chance to contact them.
  3. A professional atmosphere is available which is most important.
  4. Management of coworking space is maintained for safety and cleanliness. You do not need to worry.
  5. There is no need to worry if there is sufficient backup of electricity.

Some Famous Coworking Space Companies

Some countries have made a list of Top 10 coworking space, which is as follows.

America’s Top 10 Coworking Space Companies

  1. We Work – In the US, We Work is named number one in the coworking space. It is located in 19 cities in America.
  2. Regus – Regus provides working space, meetings, rooms, etc. in about 475 cities in America.
  3. Proximity Space – This coworking space company is located at 8 locations in Colorado, USA.
  4. Co-Hoots – They provide share space in Phoenix (Phoenix) and Arizona.
  5. Workbar – At the location of Boston (Massachusetts), you will find work bar, Coworking space.

Apart from this, there are other Coworking Space companies such as –

  1. Impact hub
  2. Bond collective
  3. Impact hub
  4. The yard
  5. NGIN Workplace

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Major Coworking Space Companies in India

  1. The Playce – This Coworking Space is located in Mulund, Mumbai. This was Quara’s first official meetup. It has a plan of a daily charge from 499 to 12000 rs for the whole month.
  2. 91 Springboard – This is the oldest Coworking Space Company in Delhi. It has two offices, the first is in Mohanstate and the second is in Noida Sector 18.
  3. The rent price is about 4999rs for part-time professionals and Rs. 7499 for full time and you can also avail service by paying rs549 per day.
  4. Innov8 – The Innov8 office is located in the Regal Building of Connaught Place, Delhi. Work station, cafeteria, terrace working facility, etc. will be available on this.
  5. Investopad – Apart from the Hauz Khas area of ​​Delhi, Investopad’s office is also located in Gurugram Sector 18.
  6. Social Offline – This co-working space is available at three places, Hauz Khas, Defense Colony, and Connaught Place.

In addition to all this, some companies that provide co-working space are as follows.

  1. Geekout – Location – Andheri West, Mumbai, Contact No –
  2. Colaba Special – Location – Kalaba, Lower Parel, Bandra, Mumbai.
  3. The Spiclio – Location – Kalkaji, South Delhi
  4. Incuspage DLF Cyber ​​Green -Location – DLF ph – 3, Gurgaon.

In this way, you can do your work by taking the space in your nearest co-working space as per your convenience and get the whole professional environment.

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