Alibaba Now Takes The Reins of Daniel Zhang

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The company’s CEO Daniel Zhang will take over the additional responsibility of board chairman after Jack Ma stepped down as chairman of Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company. The 46-year-old Daniel Zhang has been CEO of the company since 2015. He is considered an excellent strategist. Zhang is considered more practical than Jack Ma in terms of management style.

Zhang is the liberated warrior of Alibaba
Within the company, Zhang is not called Zhang. He is identified as Shiaoyaoji. Xiaoyaoji is the name of a character from a Chinese martial arts novel, which means completely free. That is, unleashed warriors. This character is not involved in war, but instead keeps out of the war and trains others.

Journey of Zhang in Alibaba
Zhang joined Alibaba in 2007. He was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Taobao. Taobao is an online marketplace. After this he was made the President of Teemol. A new online retail platform was created by separating Teammol from Taobao itself. Soon Teammol became China’s largest B2C marketplace. Zhang was then made the Chief Operating Officer at Alibaba. In 2015, he was appointed CEO.

Zhang is the father of Singles Day
The biggest achievement of Zhang is the creation of Singles Day. Singles Day is held every year on 11 November. It has become the largest shopping event in the world. The event started in 2009. Amazon’s Prime Day came long after that. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have four times as many sales as Singles Day alone. On 2018 Singles Day, Alibaba sold $ 30.8 billion.

The greatest qualities of thoughtfulness and humility Zhang
In a report, Alibaba co-founder and executive vice chairman Joseph Tsai said about Danyan Zhang that he has been working with him since 2007, when he was associated with Taobao. I cannot compete with them in terms of intelligence and energy. But thoughtfulness and humility are the greatest qualities of his leadership skills.

Best analyst
Jack Ma said in a report that since becoming the CEO of Alibaba, Zhang has demonstrated outstanding talent, business intelligence, competent leadership. His analytical ability is unmatched.

Before joining Alibaba, he worked in PwC
Prior to joining Alibaba, Zhang worked at PwC. He has been the CFO of online games developer Shanda Interactive Entertainment.

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