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There Is No Shortcut To Achieving Success

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There is no shortcut for the success, a person cant attain the same without hard-work. All those who want to be a successful person have to work hard day and night to attain the desired goal. And to attain the success, the spirit of never giving up is very important.

It all depends upon the hard work and dedication of the person to what extent he/she is putting his efforts to become successful.

People usually opt for the shortcut or posture method to achieve the goal which eventually makes the way harder to attain success. Success is not all about the position only, it is all about how much you gain as knowledge.

There are several cases when you must have saw that people are attain success through wrong paths and some might even get it. But their success is for a limited tenure only. Even those who got it would not be able to enjoy the same for a longer period.

There is no Shortcut To Success – Success Story

Story Title: Choose the Right Path to Attain Success

There is a story where a bird with golden wings was flying from one tree to another in a very big forest.

Like all other days, she was in search of food and water as well in the trunk of trees. All of a sudden, he came across a person who was going somewhere through the path of forest. He carries a small box of wood with him and he seems to be in hurry.

At the first place the bird with the golden wings try to understand the whole scenario but couldn’t make it then he asked the person- ” Who are you sir and why are you in so hurry? Then with a smile on his face, he said ” Oh! beautiful bird, i am a farmer and i am heading towards the nearby market which is situated on the other side of the forest.

Then she again asked, why are you carrying this little wooden box and what it contains? Is this something that you are going to sell in the market.

That farmer replied! Yes, this box  has insects who lived in the trunk of trees and i am going to sell the same for a golden feather.

On hearing this, Bird’s mouth is full of water. She asked him, Can you give me this box, I will give you one of my golden wings in return.

The farmer was also happy to hear this because he got the golden feather without going to the market halfway, the farmer also said yes and gave the box full of insects to the golden bird. That golden bird asked the farmer another question! Can you bring me a box full of insects every day, I will give you one of my wings every day.

On hearing this, the farmer became happy and every day started bringing a box full of insects for the golden bird and like that day, that bird also gave a golden feather to the farmer every day. Many days passed while doing this.

There came a day when all the wings of that golden bird came to an end and she was also unable to fly. Due to which he did not even look for food and he died in a few days.

Story learning

In this story, just like the golden-winged bird took the short way to achieve the goal of his food due to laziness and his life came to an end, in order to achieve success, everyone needs a lot of hard work and do not choose any shortcut.

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