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How To Start Pulses Mill Business In India?

Nowadays everyone wants to build their own business so that they get maximum profit. Many times people also have to suffer heavy losses in business. The reason for this is not having a proper understanding of business. If you also want to start your business, then you can start the business of pulses by sitting together. Everyone knows that lentils are given great importance in Indian food. This business can be started easily without any major investment. This will give you a better profit per month.

What Is Pulses Mill Business?

This is a business in which many types of pulses are prepared and sold with the help of machines. For this, there is a need to open a dal mill. A special kind of machinery is installed in it. With this help, you can prepare tur dal, moong dal, masoor dal, urad dal, gram lentils, etc.

Raw Material For Dal Mill Business

In this business, the crop of lentils you want to trade will work as raw material. You need to arrange such crops for lentils then only you can use it further to prepare dal/lentils. The raw material for lentils is easily available in the nearby shops. You must make sure about the quality of raw materials as to will decide the quality of your lentils as well.

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Dal Making Machine Required Place

The pulp mill machine is a very large size, so choose a location with a size of at least 25 to 30 square feet. Make sure you have enough space to place the machine and store the lentils as well. You can get the land on rent or if you have a land of your own then you are ready to begin.  Choose an area away from the residential area for better productivity to stay away from multiple issues.

Dal Mill Business Cost

You can rent a place for a dal mill. If the place is your personal and you start a business with a 3 HP machine, then you will have to invest up to Rs 4 lakh. Apart from this, if you install a 6 HP machine, then this investment will be doubled i.e. 8 lakh rupees. Please tell that the price of its machines varies according to HP. These machines are very easy to operate.

Dal Making Process in Dal Mill

For example, we are telling you the process of making gram lentils from the machine. Explain that on making pulses, 25 kg of pulses is produced from 100 kg of crop per hour.

  • First, the gram has to be soaked.
  • The upper part of the machine is made in such a way, where soaked grams can be easily added.
  • Pulses come out of its other part.
  • It is dried for a full day.
  • After this, it is taken out once more by putting it in the machine, so that the lentils are well prepared.

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Dal Packing

  • Bulk pack sacks are available in the market, which can be bought and packaged. .
  • Special concentrate should be used for packaging your product.
  • The trademark of your brand should be put in the packet so that the marketing of pulses can also be done easily.
  • You can also promote the brand.

Dal Mill Marketing

You can easily sell pulses in the wholesale market. Apart from this, pulses can be sold at grocery stores in cities and villages. Use online tools to publicise your mill and the product as well for wider visibility. You can take use of social platforms and even online selling shopping site such as Amazon and Flipkart to reach each and every household.

Dal Mill Business License

First of all, to set up a pulses mill, your firm has to be registered. For this, the firm’s industry base and can apply to get a license from MSME. If you want to do the branding of your product yourself, then license has to be obtained from the Ministry of Food. For this, it is very important to have a PAN card, current account.

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Dal Mill Business Profit

If a 3 HP machine is installed, then 100 kg of pulses can be made per hour. That is, 1 kg of pulses usually gives a profit of 2 rupees. If you run this machine for about 8 hours, you can earn 1600 rupees by making 800 kg of pulses. Similarly, if you use a 6 HP machine, you can earn a profit of Rs 4,800 by making 300 kg of pulses per hour. This benefit is per day. According to this, your month’s income can be very good.

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