Tech-Platforms that are the cornerstone for Indian homegrown brands

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In this era of ‘Digital First’ where everything is moving on the web, the online market is seeing a huge potential where a major chunk of the audience visits regularly. The principal challenge with brands stepping in this crowded space isn’t to secure their audience yet to hold them as everything is a couple of snaps away. The ability to focus on these potential clients in the period of understanding what the client is looking for and needs is the principal focal point of companies. While the e-commerce demand is growing across the country, returns are one key factor impacting e-commerce business across the globe. It constitutes a major part of the e-commerce business, with consumer focus shifting completely to an online purchase, these small and medium businesses are looking for every possible solution to reduce returns by adopting technology solutions, understanding consumers, and giving all the necessary product details.

Here are some technology-led platforms boosting brands in their digital journey and working as a backbone to extend their reach beyond limits:

Galaktic A search platform – India’s newly launched AI-powered on-premises platform Galaktic is an innovation to change consumer’s web search experience with its intensely personalized AI approach. Galaktic is a site search platform that comes with an embedded consumer behavior learning engine, it delivers real-time recommendations based on consumer insights with added features like predictive search, dynamic filters, personalized recommendations, search optimizations, geolocation-based searches, etc. It has on-boarded brands in real estate, healthcare, BFSI, edtech, etc, and will soon be extending its reach to OTT (over-the-top), food aggregators, travel aggregators, online classifieds, and job portals as well. Galaktic has successfully increased the customer engagement and overall experience for brands using this unconventional approach.

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ANS Commerce An e-commerce enabler – India’s no.1 full-stack eCommerce enabler ANS Commerce helping brands to sell online. Started in 2017, offering brand store tech, performance marketing, marketplace management, and warehousing & fulfilment. ANS Commerce is currently working with 100+ established & challenger brands across segments helping them sell on their brand stores along with 15+ marketplaces. ANS Commerce counts Nivea, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Portico, Piramal, CEAT, Marico, Bath & Body Works, Bikanervala, and ITC amongst its brand partners. Helping brands acquire consumers, power brand stores, and jumpstart marketplace operations in no time. With ANS, brands can offer fast & reliable order fulfilment to marketplace & brand store consumers. Extensive experience across product, e-commerce, retail, and marketing helps the brand achieve higher sales and stronger brand differentiation.

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Meesho A social commerce platform – Founded in 2017 by Vidit Atrey & Sanjeev Barnwal with an ideology that enabled physical stores to take their inventory online and sell through social media channels. This made Meesho into India’s first online distribution channel for long-tail products, providing an opportunity for individual resellers to sell these products on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Access to smartphones and penetration of the internet has brought many women entrepreneurs to the digital fold who run their micro-enterprises via social commerce.

Tally Solutions – Software major Tally Solutions is helping SMBs access critical data anywhere, anytime, with remote access technology, and wants to focus on improving the experience of the software by building multi-device access. With its new offering called TallyPrime, it allows MSME owners and new-age entrepreneurs to comfortably manage and grow their business without needing to know the finer nuances of accounting or technology. Today, Tally has over two million SMEs paying for its accounting software, and nearly five million SMEs have used the product in the last three decades.

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