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6 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away: How To Recognize Them?

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We are human beings. We have life and need to face death also we have a feeling. We feel relationships, bonds and we feel life. For all humans, life is a live thing. The human being is not an object that should be perfect from all 360 degrees. It’s not like that if you did a mistake you have to destroy yourself as we do for a non-living object. Like we do for many non-living that we used and after usage we through it. You can’t do this to any living object and or sure you are not perfect.

In our day-to-day life, many situations you face and you find yourself trapped in some quarrel, some loneliness, manipulation, criticism, betrayal, bullying, and some professional or personal loss. These are the moments were your toxic behaviour can come out and these situations you face continuously you get a nice tag that is “Your Behavior is Toxic.” You find yourself at that time very low in confidence, self-esteem, you lose trust in yourself, and you will always feel irritated lastly you don’t feel any enthusiasm in your life.

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Here we would like to help you out with some toxic behavioural patterns so that you can recognize yourself which you are experiencing and based on you can avoid them and change yourself slowly and steadily.

1. Don’t Be The Victim of Negativity

If you study human physiology behaviour you will notice we do what we are thinking. So, if you are planning to do something and you will make a plan for that but your back of the mind you already think that this is not for me and I can’t do it anymore. Indirectly you will stop working for it. Behind this nature, your bad experience counts and it matters a lot and you didn’t get the guidance properly when you are planning to do those things. Trying is the best option to fulfil your goal and you need to change the can’t with can.

2. Stop Always Comparing Yourself with Other Person

Human beings are God’s beautiful creation. Each creation of every human being is blessed with some uniqueness and talent. If you have your talent and skills then there is no logic to compare yourself with others. The comparison will always lead to bring the jealousy and it will create fights of your thoughts in your mind ultimately you will become more aggressive. People generally compare themselves with others for money, lifestyle, good career, profession, business and many more you can’t even think of it. This will waste your precious time and energy and will let you with unsatisfied performance.

3. Obsession To Become Perfect in Life

Again, as per the human physiology. If we look for obsession then this is a kind of battle between your mind and your valuable thoughts. This obsession arise from your unsatisfied desire of achieving something this will lead to giving statements like “I have not done this yet, it still needs to complete more, I did it but it’s not the way I wanted, I still feel this is inappropriate” it’s like negatively judging your things and you will end up with frustration and failure even if you have done it properly. So, you need to give your best no matter what you do and this is not a limitation or phenomenon for perfection.

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4. Always Thinking of Past and Not Letting it Go

Not letting go of the past is one of the biggest causes of all problems even if you are living in present your mind still think of experience or incidence. This past will bring the pain and sorrow in your present situation or the current moment that you want to live. If you are experiencing such a situation for a long time then you will lead to feeling yourself that you are a failure and burden. As a human, you can’t change what life has written for you and you will do mistakes that are common and normal. There is no logic or meaning to thinking for the past and destroying the present and future instead you can do, learn from your past mistakes and make your present and future bright.

5. Always Blaming Others For Your Mistake

In a year we have 365 days and all days are not the same. Some days will give you a good experience and some days will give you a bad experience. As human nature, we always complain about bad experiences or situations. If you are experiencing the crappy day and you are not seeing the things are properly done for you then you will become irritated you will start doing mistakes unknowingly which will cause the problems for others. In such a case you don’t even realize that those are your mistakes and you start blaming others for the loss. If you handle such a situation with calmness then you don’t have to blame others and not even doing mistakes unnecessarily.

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6. Always Thinking For Others and Their Opinion

INDIA is a country of huge population. In day-to-day life, you will meet a new person every second. You will different interactions with every individual. So, different people, different personalities, different thoughts, different thinking, and different opinions. It’s up to you whom to listen and you should not? You can’t be always thinking about what other people say about you and you can’t always be thinking for others at a certain time. It’s normal to think about them those who know you otherwise people can take you for granted in good or bad ways. There is no meaning to think of other people’s opinions for yourself. You know yourself better than other people. You know yourself what is best for you so, it doesn’t matter what other people think of yourself.

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