How FriendsSquare is fostering organisations profitability, employee productivity to make companies understand the need of the Industrial Psychologist

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The FriendsSquare is an Industrial-Organisational Psychology Firm based out of New Delhi, India. Founded in 2020, our organization offers a unique B2B experience where you can choose from a number of training and intervention programs that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your company and employees. Our psychologists and friendly training facilitators are well equipped to train, uplift, empower, and transform your workforce. Every module, training, and program offered at The FriendsSquare is a stepping stone to unleashing the untapped potential of your most important asset – your employees.

The role of an organisational psychologist is indispensable for the success of an organisation, but is often ignored or refuted. Organisational psychology is a need and not a want because to understand human behaviour, the science of psychology becomes indispensable. To say organisational psychologists are a want, rather than a need in workplace issues, is comparable to questioning whether a doctor is a want or a need in case of a medical emergency. For years, organisations have operated with a culture that is solely driven by profit margins, even if that meant it came at the cost of employee exhaustion and with this culture being deep rooted, the role of a behavioural analyst at the workplace becomes essential. At the point in which organisations find themselves today, the task of organisational psychology is not just crisis intervention, but also uprooting the problem from its roots, which means identifying internalised sources that are hampering employee well-being.


In terms of wanting to boost employee productivity, utilizing the scientific study of human behavior, especially at work, industrial-organisational psychology is able to determine how employees wish to communicate, how dedicated workers are to their company and and how that correlates to their productivity, motivation and absenteeism rate. The indispensable role of an industrial-organisational psychologist is based in the practitioners’ ability to accurately assess a company and its culture, identify potential and existing barriers to productivity while developing long term solutions to develop a plan to remedy those problems.

In terms of assisting companies fight existing challenges, organisations often face difficulty in managing diversity and dealing with unconscious biases. FriendsSquare needs organisations to understand that an employees safety and security net forms the foundation for motivation and accurately identifying stressors in the workplace – here, training employees to identify and manage stress in the workplace contributes to their job satisfaction in turn boosting productivity. In order to gain competitive advantage as well as boost employee investment organisations must understand what motivates their employees and how to motivate their employees. Organisations should also be able to recognize what value an employee attaches to the reward. FriendsSquare asserts that the first step that organisations should take to ensure a psychologically healthy workforce is to understand their culture. Here, it becomes essemtial to understand that in order to align employee viewpoints and organisational vision, a company’s culture becomes the very glue that binds these values, to perfect this culture, companies should be able to recognize the hierarchy present in the workplace, policies present which not only just ensure order in the workplace but also ensures psychological safety like open door policy, POSH in India (prevention of sexual harassment), policies promoting the sense of belongingness and inclusion, device policies ensuring balanced technological use.

All this comes to business profitability, which is based on multiple factors: a stable and empathetic leadership – Soaring levels of empathy lead to greater job satisfaction and output, greater co-worker relations and thus, resulting in better chances of retaining these employees and teams that communicate well. Leaders serve as role models in organisations. Employees learn from and mimic leaders in order to climb the job ladder, throughout this process, organisational psychologists ensure that in this process, leaders become carriers of empathetic change. Additionally, employees who are motivated, and well equipped with resources to make the best use of their untapped potential.

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In order to increase return of investment or ROI, FriendsSquare helps organisations invest in an ever growing capital – emotional intelligence and EQ of their employees. Here, EQ of employees is reflected in building their self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and their social skills. What we do is upliftment and empowerment of employees, and in turn the larger organisation. We also advocate and assert the importance of empathetic leadership and critical assessment of valuing individuality of employees. At FriendsSquare, the team possesses a keen understanding of what constitutes a successful business. We are focused on fostering organisations’ profitability, employee productivity, maximise the ROI when it comes to human capital, define, and boost core competencies while helping them gain natural competitive advantage.

By:  Founder & CEO : Soumya Gupta , Co-Founder : Kristal Dhanaraj

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