How To Do a Personal SWOT Analysis?

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If you look at people throughout history that are considered great achievers like Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart Napoleon or someone today like Virat Kohli, Elon Musk; the one thing that they all have in common is their ability to manage themselves. What this means is that because each one of us is different, we have to make sure that we completely understand ourselves and live our lives according to our strengths and not somebody else’s.

This is the only way in which we can bring the most value possible to the world and have the best chances of success In our personal lives.

The problem that most of us face is that we never really find out what are unique talents and gifts are. The reason for that is that our environment usually tries to point out our weaknesses.

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Example: Personal SWOT Analysis

In school, you, in general, have to spend a lot of time on classes that you’re not talented in i.e. studying harder for a test or tutoring after school instead of spending more time further improving in a subject that you’re naturally good at and have an interest at.

Sometimes you don’t challenge yourselves, for example, in most of the cases talented athletes think that they have to struggle academically because that’s how athletes are;

We never permit ourselves to discover hidden strengths and abilities that could lead to greater opportunities and success in the future.

Know Who Are You?

For knowing oneself one must do S.W.O.T analysis.

1. Strength

Don’t limit yourself to the strengths that you are currently exhibiting in your life or your job. Think about how are you different, unique and special.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are you good at naturally?
  2. What things interest you?
  3. What skills have you worked to develop?
  4. What are your talents?
  5. Mainly, what do other people see as your strengths?

2. Weakness

This part examines the area in which you need to improve and the things that will set you back at your life and career.

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Ask yourself :

  1. What are your negative work habits and traits?
  2. Does any part of your education or training need improvement?
  3. Where would other people take advantage of you?
  4. Where can you improve?
  5. What are you most likely to avoid?

3. Opportunities

Look a the external factors that you can take advantage of to pursue your goals and dreams.

Ask yourself :

  1. Is there new technology in your industry?
  2. Is there a new skill or trait you possess?
  3. Is your industry growing?

Look at your strengths, and ask yourself if they open up any opportunities

Look at your weaknesses, and ask yourself if you could open up opportunities by eliminating these weaknesses

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4. Threats

Look at any threats to your career or life growth, this part sees if any external factors could hurt your chances to attain your goals.

Ask yourself :

  1. What is the biggest danger to your goals?
  2. Are there any new standards that you cannot meet?

Feed Back Analysis

For managing yourselves you must set a certain goal for some time, and try to achieve and complete them in all possible ways. Start writing goals and things you want to achieve in a paper or a note.

Start setting goals for 1 month initially, then compare the results to your expectations. Write the goals which you know you are capable of. Don’t write too many goals making the result below expectation.

By doing so you can know about your capabilities and can put your effort to increase the efforts slowly.

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How To Perform and Learn Effectively

As all human beings are different from each other, some may find things easy some may not, it is you who have to know about your performance and learn things effectively.

For example – You might find out that you have to read about things to understand them, while others will find that they need to read and write down to understand the best. There may be other ways like taking to yourselves, taking notes or learning by doing.

You just have to be more self-aware.

What Are My Values?

Every person has 2 types of life’s – one is the personal life and the other is the professional and between these two lives there lies the value of the person.

Mirror Test

You have to stand in front of a mirror and analyze what do you think of yourself and imagine what you want to become, it can be a doctor, IAS officer, businessman, athlete, etc. What happens by doing so is that you think truly what you want to become because you can’t lie to the person standing in Infront of you which you only.

And if you feel proud of your decision then you are going on the right track.

There is a big difference between our self-value and the value people think of you.

And by doing a Mirror test you can know your value.

We become successful when we perfectly utilize an opportunity because at that time we know our strength, performance, and our self-value.

Mostly till the age of mid-twenty, we don’t know where do we belong but we know where we don’t belong.

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