How To Start Fish Farming Business?

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For the purpose of earning money, people are trying to do business and earn a lot of money by doing a variety of searches. If you look at the growing market in our country, then it is seen that there are many such businesses here, from which a good amount of money can be made.

Many businesses are based on the weather, and many continue throughout the year. Today’s time has become such that due to the lack of rain, the amount of water is decreasing. Due to lack of water, the crops of farmers have to suffer a lot. Also, living organisms in water, which live only by water, are also lacking. For example, due to the scarcity of fauna, etc., the business of fisheries has taken a new form.

The fisheries industry is being developed in many villages and cities by fishing. The fisheries industry has a good place in the Indian market due to the increasing demand for fish. Climate is profitable all over India due to climate and India ranks second in fisheries worldwide. The demand for fisheries is increasing because fish is considered the source of most protein.

We get many products from fish, among which meat, fish oil, etc. are prominent. There are many diseases in our body that are cured with fish oil. There is a great demand for fish for this. This business has got a place in every state of India and this business is being done at a good level in which people are making an income of lakhs of rupees annually. You can also start fishing by building a pond or tank. We will tell you what you will need for this business.

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Requirements For Fisheries Business

To start a fishery business, the first need is to invest. If we talk about investment, the government is helping you to a great extent to invest in it. You also know that the blue revolution is called for promoting fisheries production and according to this plan of the government, if you build a pond in the one-hectare area for fisheries, then the central government will give 5 lakh rupees and also 25 The state government will provide per cent assistance.

This means that 75 per cent of your subsidy will be received by the government i.e. 50 per cent of the central government and 25 per cent of the state government will help you. You will have to arrange for the remaining 25 per cent yourself. For fisheries, first of all, you have to build a pond or tank in which the fish can be reared. A pond of 0.1 hectare costs at least 40 thousand rupees. After that, you need fish seed, which you can buy as much as you need for 5 or 10 thousand rupees. After that, the diet of the fish will have to be arranged. For security, you will have to arrange the nets to get the jails installed in the pond.

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What Kind of Fish Do You Want and Where To Get It

You should not understand that you can do business by rearing fish of every breed. No, it is important to keep in mind what breed of fish should be there before rearing fish. Friends, good breeds for fisheries include rohu, silver carp, Katla, muragal, grass carp, and common carp breeds and you have to buy these breeds for fishing. Now the question in your mind will be, where to buy fish seeds? So, friends, you do not have to worry, for this you can contact the Fisheries Development Agency of your district. It happens in every district and from here you can learn more about it.

How To Fish Farming?

Training is provided by the government for fisheries. If you want, you can do this training for better fishing. Fishing in a scientific manner is the best way. If you do this training for this, it will be better for you. Before starting fish farming, keep the pond clean and hygienic.

After that, you have to put the fish seeds in the water. After that, when there are fishes, you have to take full care of their diet, you have to put mustard husk and rice bran fish on a regular basis. As a good diet, feeds available in the market can also be included in the diet. You can also fertilize fishes. When the fishes become big, you can sell them.

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How To Prepare a Diet For Fish?

Friends, there are many diets for fishing that you can make yourself at home. For the diet of fish, it is best to prepare rice flour. After that, add some quantity of water to the rice flour and you make its pills. Many people also give wheat flour tablets to fishes. With this, you will get fertilizer from around you. After that, you can prepare a mustard husk at home.

When To Remove The Fish and How To Remove it?

Friends, as we said, the fish weighs one or dead kilo within 1 year. As soon as the weight of the fish is from one to ten kilos, understand that the fish is ready to go to your market. Never use such a net that the fish gets injured because after such a situation the fish starts rotting. After removing the fish, you have to send them to the market as soon as possible. Hold the two nets from each side to stand and make sure that other small fish are not harmed by it and you try to bring those fish which are big.

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How Much Profit in Fish Farming?

After investing 25 per cent for the land etc. you assume that 5000 fish are reared in your pond or tank and within 1 year whenever the fishes become big or their weight is around one kg, then they can be sold at the rate of kg per hundred rupees, then you get 5 lakh rupees on 5 thousand fish. That is, even if your profit is seen by the month, you still have an income of more than 40 thousand rupees. So you too must have understood how much profit you are making in fisheries.

These Things Have To Be Taken Care of…

Along with fishing, you have to take care of many things. Before the pond or tank is built, clean the place thoroughly and there should not be Kankar, etc. The pond should be built keeping in mind the rain. Build a pond at a place where there is good sunlight. Before constructing the pond, make sure to check the soil so that you do not have to suffer damage after the construction of the pond. Stopped the insects from coming to the fish.

Take care of the fish from the carnivorous creatures that eat the fish, otherwise, you will not have a single fish left. Always keep the water clean and tidy so that they get equal amounts of oxygen. Fishes may die if oxygen is not available. Provide a regular diet to the fish. Keep checking the fish from time to time as diseases are spread in the fish during the winter season. Sometimes poisonous gas is found in the water, due to which all the fish in the pond can die, you have to be alert for this. Choose a good breed for fishing.

The fisheries business can be carried out well along with farming. Never be careless in the maintenance of fishes and take care of them daily. If you need more information for fisheries, you can get complete information from the fisheries officer of your district or the people doing fisheries business.

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Give the fish a clean diet and give the fish a certain amount of food. Beware of fishing people as many people may harm the fish of your pond with the intention of fishing many times. You have to make complete arrangements for the safety of the pond. Always keep in mind that the quantity of water is not decreasing. You have to arrange water in case of a shortage. Keeping all these things in mind, you should start a fisheries business. So friends today we learned how we can start the fisheries business.

What To Do in Every Month For Fish Farming


  1. According to the instructions of the fisheries department, the tank should be improved so that all the four sides of the lake are tied so that it is not affected by rain and flood. Arrange forged by making pucca gates on the water coming and leaving parts. After starting the fishery for the first time, dry the pond and get it collected. Water from the pond
  2. Clean weeds and unwanted fish. Make annual repairs to old ponds and come and store common carp fish seed in the pond.


  1. To increase the fertility of pond, use quenched lime at the rate of 200 to 600 kg per hectare before fish seed accumulation.
  2. Spray the first instalment of water in the pond at the rate of 200 quintals per hectare of organic (cow dung). In chemical fertilizers, urea 200 kg Singil Super Phosphate 250 kg and Murate of Potash 40 kg ie total mixture 490 kg per hectare should be used in 10 equal monthly instalments every year.
  3. In this way, a mixture of 49 kg per hectare chemical fertilizer should be applied in the ponds after 15 days of use of cow dung. If the colour of the water of the pond becomes dark green or dark blue, then the use of fertilizers should be stopped. When the colour of the water of the pond is in the proper state, then the use of fertilizers should be started again. Maintain the water level in the pond up to one meter.
  4. Get aquatic insects, weeds and undesirable fish cleaned in the pond.
  5. Check the availability of natural food in the pond from the plankton net.
  6. Check the progress of accumulated fish seed by running a net in the pond.

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  1. Forged the outlet of inlet and inlet of water in and out of water.
  2. Check the availability of natural food from the plankton net in the pond.
  3. Check the progress of accumulated fish seed by running a net in the pond.
  4. Use a monthly instalment of attractive fertilizers in the pond at the rate of 49 kg per hectare.
  5. To store the value of fish seed for harvesting in the pond by the last week of June, submit it to the Tehsil or District Office of the Department of Mats.


  1. Get aquatic insects, weeds and undesirable fish cleaned in the pond.
  2. Check the availability of natural food in the pond from the plankton net.
  3. Use the monthly instalment of inorganic fertilizers at the rate of 49 kg per hectare in the pond.
  4. Save the fingers of Majorcarp / foreign species in ponds at the rate of 4.10000 per hectare.
  5. Begin by supplementing the equivalent amount of rice meal and khal of equal quantity of artificial food in the pond with one to two per cent weight of the total estimated weight of the fish and start giving it to the accumulated fish daily.


  1. After the accumulation of fish in the pond, use the dung manure and inorganic fertilizers to increase the fertility of the natural food in the ponds using the method mentioned above.
  2. Check the natural food in the pond and give a supplementary diet (artificial food) to the accumulated fish every day.
  3. Check the growth of fishes accumulated in the pond by running a net.

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  1. Use dung manure and inorganic fertilizers in the pond to increase the fertility of natural food in the ponds.
  2. Check the natural food in the pond and give a supplementary diet (artificial food) to the accumulated fish every day.
  3. Check the growth of fishes accumulated in the pond by running a net. Keep water depth up to 1 meter in the pond.


  1. Keep checking for the growth of fish and the natural food available in the pond.
  2. Using the above-mentioned method, fish should be fed supplementary food every day and monthly instalment of cow dung and chemical fertilizer in the pond.


  1. Keep checking the fish growth and natural food available in the pond.
  2. Check the growth of accumulated fish by running a net in the pond.
  3. To prevent fish from getting sick, use a medicine called Ceefax at the rate of one litre per hectare.


  1. Keep on checking the growth of fishes and the natural food available in the pond.
  2. If you are found to be suffering from fish diseases, first use lime at the rate of 250 kg per hectare in the pond. After 15 days, use potassium permanganate (red medicine) at a rate of 5 kg per hectare.
  3. Furiously diseased fish are taken out of the pond and buried in the ground.
  4. If necessary, reuse Cefex medicine at the rate of one litre per hectare.

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  1. Make arrangements for the extraction and sale of fishes after 18 months of fingerprint accumulation.
  2. If the pond is repaired after getting a loan from the bank, then return the loan instalment.
  3. Maintain the water level in the pond up to 1.5 meters.
  4. The price of common carp fish seed should be deposited in the district or tehsil office of the fisheries department.


  1. Save common carp fish seed in the pond.
  2. If the pond has been leased, then deposit its annual revenue in the Gram Samaj Kosh.
  3. Get the pond repaired annually.
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