How To Start a Bag Making Business in India?

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How to start a bag making business – Friends, many things are made keeping in mind the needs of humans. We all have our own needs. Maybe you have a different need and I have something else. But there are some requirements that both you and I have. Many times we use bags, bags, etc. to keep our belongings safe.

These bags are also made to protect different things. Such as a cloth bag, school bag, side bag, official bag, kids bag, travel bag, ladies bag, bag for holding toys, and a bag for carrying laptops. Many of these bags will be used by you too. Every person needs a bag so that they can keep their things safe. Looking at the demand for bags in the market, you can earn a lot of money by starting a bag making business. Today we are going to tell you how you can start a bag making business.

What Is Needed For The Business of Making Bags?

You can start the business of making bags from home as well as by renting the shop. For this, first of all you will have to buy a machine for sewing bags and a table for your seating too. Apart from this, a bag making machine comes separately, you can also buy it. But initially, we would advise you to buy a normal machine. Keep in mind that you should know how to make bags.

If you do not know how to make a bag, you will not be able to make a bag. Make and keep four to five machines and four-five bags in your business. For this, you can also take help of your family members. To make bags, you have to buy raw material. You will not need to take any license for this business. You can start this business without any degree keeping all these things in mind.

How Much Investment Is Needed For The Business of Making Bags?

For bag making investment, you will need fifty thousand rupees from a maximum of 40. Because initially once you buy a machine, you will start working. You will get a good quality of up to 15 thousand machines for making bags. After this, you will have to spend twenty to twenty-five thousand roe material and other expenses so that you can prepare some bags in the beginning. After that, you can start working by buying more machines.

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What Is The Raw Material Required For Making Bags?

In the Row Material of making bags, you have to buy the Row Material according to the category of the bag. In Row Material, you will need cloth, resin, buckle, button, zip, thread, black lace, canvas, inch tape, choke, scissors and machine oil, etc. Along with this, you get some bags made for packaging, in which you can pack them and sell them. All these raw materials.

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Where & How To Sell Bags?

The demand for school bags increases a lot when the summer vacation ends and the school skips. You can increase your cell in the school area. Not only this, but some bags are also sold throughout the year like ladies’ bags, travel bags, etc. You can sell travel bags, ladies’ bags, etc. at the Public Palace.

In addition, you can sell your goods at stationery shops and to wholesale sellers of bag-selling cities. Not only this, keep in touch in the neighbourhoods near you. By doing this many of your bags will be sold there. Along with this, the online market is a medium on which you can sell your bags at the desired rate to increase the sale of bags.

In many online markets like Amazon, you can easily earn a lot of money sitting at home by selling bags of every category. Not only this, but you can also take orders to prepare bags of products of a company. This can give you a good income. You must keep a name for your brand.

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How Much Will Be The Profit?

If you want to make one thousand bags, then one thousand bags are made at the cost of 60 thousand rupees, that is, 60 rupees will cost you one bag. If you sell a bag costing 60 rupees for 150 rupees, then on a thousand bags you can earn 80 to 90 thousand rupees. Now it is up to you how many days you make a thousand bags by your hard work and sell them.

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