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E-Waste to Eco-Art: Things like paintings, jewelery, watches made from useless gadgets

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Is old electronic waste collecting in your house and you do not understand how to manage this electronic waste (E-Waste Management)? Because the facility to recycle electronic waste is available in very few places. In such a situation, today we are introducing you to an eco-artist who, by recycling electronic waste, is making beautiful and working things. Vishwanath Mallabadi, 58, who lives in Bengaluru, has been doing this job for the last eight years. He has collected nearly a ton of electronic waste, under the management of which he is involved.

Talking to The Better India, he said that his inspiration for this work is his father, who is himself a sculptor and painter. Vishwanath did his BSc first and then did a BFA degree in ‘Applied Arts’. In addition to working in the field of art, he also worked in the field of ‘Sustainable Art’. In the year 2020 itself, he retired as Senior Consultant from Wipro Company. He explains, “Anything like a bad charger, floppy drive, CD ROM drive, hard disk is never useless for an eco-artist. Over the years, I have collected almost a ton of electronic waste (E-Waste) and made different things out of it like jewelery, dummy robots, watches, sculptures, photographs, wall art, etc. ”

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How to create ‘Eco-Art’

Whatever Vishwanath makes from e-waste, he calls it ‘eco-art’. However, creating this eco-art is not so simple. He says that if he makes something in a day, then he works on it for a month. Sometimes, he also works on multiple projects simultaneously. The interesting thing is that they have the talent to find the beauty hidden in this garbage or its use. He says, “This work started with a Nokia mobile. When I opened it and separated its parts, there was a very beautiful circuit inside it. Others would find that garbage but, I could see beautiful colors and shapes in it. And just from there, this ‘eco art’ was born. After that, I started collecting e-waste from different sources. ”

Regarding the process of preparing eco-art, he says that firstly old and useless gadgets are collected from different sources. They are then differentiated based on a variety of shapes, colors, textures. After this, each part is kept in different place and marks are also placed in it for identification. And then Vishwanath prepares his idea to make them. After getting the idea, he works on designing and then e-waste is produced ‘eco-art’.

E Waste Management
Azim Premji’s picture and jewelry

Vishwanath has created more than 500 ‘Eco-Art’ so far, including Azim Premji’s picture, Dummy Robot Avatar 3.0, Future City, Eco-Plants etc. He says, “Technology is advancing day by day and within a short time, gadgets become outdated. Because of this, e-waste continues to be generated every day. We also have waste recycling at a very small level. In this case, recycle it is an effective way to conserve the environment. To this extent, landfill filler can be prevented. ”

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The people in Awareness Bring Of Try:

Vishwanath says that after retirement, he has thought of taking his work to a large scale. He will not only create ‘eco-art’ himself but his plan is to make more and more people aware by doing seminars and workshops. He has also been a panel speaker on the subject, during a seminar at the ‘Beauty Institute of Management and Science’, Bengaluru. Apart from this, he has also done a ‘solo exhibition’ of his eco-art at the Wipro company. He has also demonstrated his ‘Eco Art’ at the first ‘International Data Science Conference for Sustainable Development Goals’ held in Hyderabad.

He says, “There are many problems in creating eco-art. To collect e-waste and keep eco-art, space is required. But, it is also true that if more and more people join this art and recycle their e-waste responsibly then it will be very beneficial for the environment. As an artist, I also have a responsibility to society and the environment. Therefore, I want to take this work to a greater level. ”

E Waste Management
Idol and dummy robot made from e-waste

Recently, Vishwanath has also put his eco-art on the website https://www.behance.net/. From here, people can not only see their eco-art made online but can also buy if they want to buy something. Vishwanath told that before that, he had never sold his eco-art. But after retirement, he has decided that he will create a distinct identity of his eco-art, made of e-waste so that people in every corner of the country can become sensitive to e-waste emanating from their homes.

In the end he says, “If you have imaginations and want to live your life, taking care of the environment, you can turn your e-waste into beautiful and useful things. If you cannot even recycle, then try not to waste it reach the landfill. ”

If you wish to contact Vishwanath Mallabadi, you can call him at 8105933114 or email at ewasteart@gmail.com.

Inputs: hindi.thebetterindia.com

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