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What is the story of ‘Shakuntala Railway’, which is India’s only private railway track

Do you know there is also another railway in India. In a way, it is a railway line, which is not under the Government of India and its operation is still private.

Do you know there is also another railway in India. In a way, it is a railway line, which is not under the Government of India and its operation is still private.

When any train is mentioned, the name of Indian Railways comes to mind. But, do you know there is another railway in India as well. In a way, it is a railway line, which is not under the Government of India and its operation is still private. This track is owned by a private company. You too must have been wondering how this can happen. The special thing is that there is a similar system here for many years and this track is private.

Its name is Shakuntala Railway, which is mentioned many times with the Indian Railways. In such a situation, you know what is the story of this track and this railway and how it works now.

Where is this railway line

It is a Nauroge railway line, which is in the province of Maharashtra and is laid between Amravati to Murtajapur. Its total length is about 190 kilometers. A passenger train also runs on this track, which runs between Achalpur to Yavatmal. Along with this, in the 190-kilometer route, this train stops at 17 small and big stations including approx. The 100-year-old 5-compartment train previously used to run with a steam engine and since 1994 it has been powered by a diesel engine instead of a steam engine.

When did it start?

This railway track was built in the year 1916 and a train runs on it, named Shakuntala Express. For this reason, it is called Shakuntala railway trek or Shakuntala railway. This track has been started to bring Kapal Ka to Mumbai Port during the British time. Due to this, cotton made in Amravati area was transported to the port and now commuters are coming in handy.

Why is it private?

Actually, the railway was nationalized in the year 1952 and the track could not be nationalized at that time. This track remained isolated and it could not come under the Government of India or the Indian Railways. Its operation is still going on and many poor people are traveling on this track. The UK company still maintains and maintains the track. Although the Indian government gives them money every year, but despite this the track is very bad.

However, despite paying money to Britain every year, this track is extremely shabby. According to the railway, it has not been repaired even for the last 60 years. The JDM series diesel loco engine running on it has a maximum speed of 20 km per hour. 150 employees of this Central Railway are still engaged in operating this deficit route.

The British still share?

Many stories are prevalent on the internet, in which it is said that royalty of 1 crore 20 lakhs is paid to a UK private company every year on the use of this track of narrow gauge. However, the Indian Railways has tried to take it under its control many times, but this has not been possible. Many times there are also news about buying this track.

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