Kalpana Saroj: Made and sold cow dung cakes, worked for 2 rupees a day, today I am a mistress of crores of rupees

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There are many such occasions in life when a person feels that all is over. We do not understand how to proceed now. At such a time, the stories of some people inspire us and encourage us to move forward. A similar story is the story of Kalpana Saroj, born in ‘Vidarbha’, Maharashtra, who has seen that phase of life, which we and you might not even imagine. At one time, the conditions of her house were so bad that Kalpana used to make and sell cow dung cakes. But she did not give up and changed her own destiny with her hard work. Today, she is not only a millionaire but also an inspiration to others.

Married when she was just 10 years old

Kalpana, born in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, had a struggle since childhood. She was just 10 years old when she was married. After coming to the in-laws, not only did her studies stop, but she also had to be a victim of domestic violence in the in-laws’ house. There was a time when she tried to commit suicide by giving up. However, she was rescued with the help of a relative.

Started work at a daily wage of 2 rupees

KalpnaAmar Ujala

After this accident, Kalpana returned to Mumbai at the age of 16 and started her new life. After coming here, she got a job in a garment company. Here, she used to get a wage of 2 rupees in a day. In this way, she slowly moved forward and then opened a boutique shop with a government loan of 50,000. She never looked back after this. With her hard work, she got a different identity in Mumbai.

Now the empire is ruling around 700 crore rupees

kalpanaIndia speaks

The biggest turning point of her life was when he got the opportunity to run ‘Kamani Tubes’ which had been closed for years. This company, which had been closed since 1988, took Kalpana along with the workers on the path of progress. Today, Kalpana is the owner of dozens of companies like Kamani Steels, KS Creations, Kalpana Builder & Developers, Kalpana Associates and is ruling an empire of around 700 crores.

Kalpana has been awarded big awards like Padma Shri and Rajiv Gandhi Ratna for her work.

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