Why Does a Startup Need a Culture Code? And When?

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These days you must have seen that several business leaders and successful leaders keep talking about the company culture, cultural code, and its importance as well. Usually, people are just getting bored with their corporate life and do not pay attention to the fact that a few words on a wall can determine the success rate. There is no doubt in saying that every company has its own culture that represents the work culture, thought- process, reward, and punishment as well. No matter how employees are in their personal life but they will behave properly at the workplace. Culture shows how people will behave at the workplace with other employees, vendors, partners, customers and stakeholders among others. All such things make it important to reflect what the company is all about and to write it down to aware people of your corporate.

There is no surprise in saying that how you run a startup changes with the growth rate in the team. A good thumb of the rule suggests bringing change in approach once your team size crosses specific thresholds such as 10 employees, 25 employees, 100 employees, 500 employees, and so on. Choose the right time to define corporate culture code.

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Common Pitfalls

The most common mistake among companies is that they do not carry a clear documented process of culture code. People have to understand that the work culture code is nothing to do with what people do on a  daily basis. The next mistake is assuming that the cultural code will be followed by people just because it exists. But there is a point to understand that human behavior is really hard to change. Most of us will not pay attention to the same or will be lazy enough to change habits and prejudices. There will be no use of a cultural code if they are not coming out with any rewards or recognition.

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The Process

The process of creating a culture starts with the people who matter. Usually, every company cares about a certain set of people or stakeholders. The company should keep them in mind as such decisions may affect them. You must start the coding process by listing such people of your organization. The next important thing is to have a broad view of stakeholders as well.


It is very important to think about the right way and you should work on your cultural code democratically. If you have a large team, everyone’s contribution is not required. You should choose a group of people and do brainstorming to come out with the solutions to such problems.

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You must start by splitting people into groups with equal representation. Allow everyone to write down their ideas with their group. Every group should spend some time to come out with a great list of cultural principles. They allow them to represent the same, having a debate over it and give importance to every line of it. Then prepare a final list of principles which will showcase your cultural code.

The above-mentioned strategies and concept are highly appreciable if you can follow the same in the right way. It will increase productivity and will keep the office environment happy and lively.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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