Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs To learn About Doing Business In India

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Towards the journey of being a successful entrepreneur, we all preferred to follow our path. For a few people, the rise to success is a long, painful process. For other things, all things just seem to fall magically in its place. For an entrepreneur it is important to understand the importance of learning, adapting and growing business accordingly

There are a few things that every entrepreneur should learn to attain a long-term, healthy and sustainable business.

A Guiding Agenda that Consumer Product Firms Need to Consider

The customer is not always right

Everyone use to say that customer is always right, and we start working hard to please our clients which is simply very painful. Respect your client and give your customers a benefit of doubt as well but do not make it at the expense of your employees’ dignity.

How Leadership Drives Innovation in Organization?

Time is money

Money, ideas, customers all resources carry the potential of gaining more. Time is the only limited thing. One way through which you can make sure that most of your time is to assign hourly tasks.

Then ask yourself, what should be the ideal wage for the task that you performed? If someone else can easily accomplish the task at a lesser amount then let them do it for you and you start focusing on higher level and tasks associated with revenue-generating. As an owner, you must do those tasks that you can do.

How To Target The Right Audience and Rule The Market

No shortcuts in marketing

I came across many owners who are looking for marketing advice but then it becomes expensive for them to adapt my idea of marketing. It is a fact that cheap marketing can make your brand look cheap. Bad content, cheap ads, and budget SEO can make you save more but they can’t sustain the brand image for a longer period.

3 Steps To Create An Online Business

Outsource as much as possible

If you don’t have an in-house team to share the workload then you must think of outsourcing. For many entrepreneurs, hiring an overseas virtual assistant reduced a lot of time that they spent on routine tasks.


Many entrepreneurs are focusing on building the image of the company and not giving attention to their branding. But the fact is that both things carry equal importance and dependent on each other as well. Just pay attention to both to attain success.

Know-Hows Needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Hire smarter people

There is no doubt in saying that there are many people who will be smarter than you. If you are lucky enough to have them around you then just hire them asap. Just focus that they are good at what they are doing and let them do the same.

Know-Hows Needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Just do it

Strategizing, planning and weighing options all carry equal importance within a business. But there will a point when you just have to do it. You know the famous saying “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.”

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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