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How To Boost Your Entrepreneurial Spirit In The Job?

A recent survey done by Randstad Workmonitor shows that almost 83% of the Indian workforce dreams of becoming a big entrepreneur. A figure which is comparatively high as compared to the global average. This survey also reveals that almost 56% of people are considering to leave their job to start something of their own.

Well, its a fact that quitting your current job for having a startup involves a high level of risk and every person can not afford the same. Also, not every person has the quality of becoming a successful entrepreneur. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dreams just because of it, you just have to tweak a little.

How to Invest in Startup

To keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive with your existing job and continue your job, you just have to cultivate the appropriate mindset. 

Recognize Opportunities and Grab Them

A person who has an entrepreneurial mindset has to seek opportunities. The mind is set to see such promising things and can use the same for better. But how will you spot the right one? A good opportunity refers to the idea that brings the energy, fit with core values that carry momentum. TO take the most advantage of the opportunity, you must pay attention to the tining. Like is it the right time to grab such.

Be Comfortable With The Risk

Risk is an inevitable part of any entrepreneurial journey. You have to take a huge risk to become a successful entrepreneur. So it is highly important to access the risk and become comfortable with the same. It might look a lot risky, but risk carries its rewards in the entrepreneur world. But before putting your head in the same, make sure you have done enough research about the same and aware of the consequences as well. Focus on all consequences and be ready with your plan B, just in case.

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Plan For The Future While Working

Normally, entrepreneurs are self-starters, think about the next step and takes full ownership. Setting goals and aiming for achievements is a natural thing for entrepreneurs. But while working on a short term project, they usually envisage prospects over the long term. Vision for the future or long term is one of the good qualities of a leader and an important thing for a successful entrepreneur. At work, you must set weekly goals, play smart, evaluate each and everything associated with your dream and then go further with it.


Entrepreneurship is not just about starting something and managing the same. Keep learning, ask questions, involve in smart conversations, give ides when it comes to any project or decision. It completely reflects your spirit and analytical skills. If you’re not comfortable speaking up, you can work on building a dep network.


You must be brilliant at your job but that doesn’t mean that you will be great at entrepreneurship too. Work on your skillset to become a creative thinker, a problem solver and much more. It is very essential when it comes to setbacks, obstacles or any new scenarios.

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You must think like an entrepreneur and plan big your career!

Shehnaz Ali Siddiqui
Shehnaz Ali Siddiqui is a Corporate Communications Expert by profession and writer by Passion. She has experience of many years in the same. Her educational background in Mass communication has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She enjoys writing around Public relations, Corporate communications, travel, entrepreneurship, insurance, and finance among others.



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