10 Money Making Startup Business Ideas for 2020 (To Turn Into Reality)

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2020, from the very beginning, has been harsh on so many businesses. Because of the global coronavirus, almost every industry suffered, be it school, shops, and significant companies, and the reason was lockdown for nearly three months. Too many companies got shut down, people started to drown in debts, and sadly numerous people committed suicide because they couldn’t handle it all. Folks got fired because enterprises couldn’t keep everyone after all; they also suffered financially and now can’t afford to keep everyone on board. Hence, they had to let go of the employees.

Now, are you one of those whose business got shut down or one those people who got fired? Because the place where you worked was getting overstaffed during this situation. Are you getting tired working for other people and want to start something of your own? Where you don’t have to make too much investment and can smoothly run your business from home?

So you are in the right place, today we are going to talk about “10 money-making startup business ideas for 2020”. All it is going to require is your skills and your talent, and then you can be on your way to being the next successful business owner. Without wasting more time, let’s talk about these business ideas.

Best startup business ideas for 2020

1. Giving Students Online Coaching

In India, everyone is serious about their education and 2020 kind of brought halt to every country’s education system. Students are at home, and they are always searching for online classes and coaching. So many people to prepare themselves for a side hustle are taking online courses. If you believe that you are a specialist on a specific subject which is in demand in between students? Then you should definitely try your hand to coach people for online courses or students who are seeking particular subject tuition in which you are indeed qualified. There are so many platforms which are available for you to provide your services.

All you have to do is find the right platform for yourself where you are comfortable to educate students. There are also YouTube channels where experts come and start their online classes over there. But for you to get recognized, you might need to start a Facebook page, ask your friends and acquaintances to spread the words in between the right people, and build up your strong community.

2. Making Beautiful and Creative Phone Cases for SmartPhone Owners

People are crazy about their smartphones, but they are also obsessed with how their phones look from the outside. We all know the main back cover of the phone begins getting yellowish, or their polish starts chipping. Which starts making our phone look old, then it is. That’s why phone cases exist to protect our expensive smartphones. But now, just like our clothes, everyone needs something beautiful for their phone. Which defines them and maybe even means something to them.

Developing and designing smartphone Cases is a booming business. If you think you are a creative mind and love creating things, then you should try your hand in designing beautiful bedazzled, furry, bunny-shaped, different animals or even food shaped phone cases that are actually in high demand, especially in between girls. People also like personalized quotes or their family pictures on the back cover of the phone. To keep up with customers’ demands, design what is in high demand, and you can start selling them from online sites.

3. Travel Advisor

Are you familiar with the travel world and have knowledge about travelling and things to make your trip safe and go smoothly without any crises? Then you are a perfect person to advise people on how to travel and where to stay? You can start your travel advisor business with your family, friends, and acquaintances. You can help them book hotel rooms at affordable prices and plane or train tickets in their budget, just about anything to help them feel like they are roaming in their city, not in other countries or states.

How To Start Travel Agency Business?

If they become satisfied with your service, I am definitely sure they will start recommending you in between their group of friends and families, and that’s how your travel advisor business will grow slowly but surely. But just don’t depend on them to spread the word about your business. You should start creating your own pages on Facebook and Instagram and even on every WhatsApp that you are in. It is going to help you engage new people from different places. Once you think you have enough customers, you can contact travel agencies to help you provide a better deal to your customers.

4. Interior Designer

It is now in the past that only celebrities or wealthy millionaires and billionaires wanted their home to look good, so they started hiring interior designers to design their homes according to their taste. But now things are different, even small middle-class families not only want their home to represent them but also look good while representing them a place which they can call their heaven that is welcoming and warm, not a site where they dread even entering inside. In the past, interior designers were expensive to hire. But things are different in the present. People can find a good interior designer in their budget.

If you think that you can help people create a beautiful and cozy house according to their taste and under their budget, then you can start doing interior design. First, for the people who are near and dear to you and then let your work speak for itself. Words will easily circulate if the guest likes the house that was designed by you. People will start hiring you. But if you think your interior designing skills need to be improved, then you can begin taking interior designing online classes and polish your skills.

5. Creating New Apps

Last month 59 china apps were banned in India, and those apps had millions of users from our country. Especially Tik Tok, which has over 600 million users from India. So many people got angry because their livelihood depended on that now those million users are looking for alternative apps for Tik Tok. Even some people created the alternative and now start gaining users for them.

But if you think you can create a better alternative but don’t know to code, you can take a few online courses to learn how to do that and create a much better platform for people of India. There were numerous apps like Shein and UC Browser, and now users want something in their place, and now may be the right time to put your ideas and skills into action and gain millions of users. You may never know you might be the next famous app developer who runs a million-dollar empire.

6. Ghostwriter

Everyone got their own reasons to become a ghostwriter. Some people just want pocket money to spend on themselves when they are in college. Some people love writing, but they hate the limelight, which comes with it now to avoid that they start doing ghostwriting gigs and start earning for their living. The charges of ghostwriting are different. A few people will give you “paisa per word,” and a few people will pay you on an hourly basis. Once you are an expert in this field and have written quite successful books, articles, blogs, stories. You can start asking for higher prices from your future clients.

7. Skillful Translator

Suppose you are an expert in several languages and letting your talent go to waste. Now is the time to put a stop to that and to put your skills out there for a good cause and use and begin earning your income from it. People need a good translator for books, movies, and even for business meetings. There are too many people looking for experts like you in online places. You can contact them over and show them your expertise in the languages that you mastered at.

8. Tailoring Designer Clothes

No matter where you are from and what class you belong to. Everyone loves wearing designer and gorgeous dresses. But not every individual can buy high-end clothing brand dresses. To help these people to stay updated on the latest fashion and style. You can help them by creating a design, particularly for them, and turn their dream of wearing this beautiful dress into a reality by providing a beautiful dress of their dreams under their budget.

You don’t even need to spend a fortune to start this business. All you need is a sewing machine and technique on how to design or prepare clothes. Because most of the customers provide you with the material to make their clothes, like most businesses, you can start by creating yours and your family and friend’s clothes. Some people even design dolls outfits to gain confidence.

9. Home-Based Catering Services and Bakery

You may have heard of the catering services which were started in the first place because there are lots of bachelors who are away from their home and don’t know how to cook or in other cases, they are too tired to cook anything after a long day at the office. That’s where catering services come in handy because nobody can eat food at a restaurant every day, and these catering services’ motto is to provide a home-cooked meal to their customers.

If your cooking and baking skills are praiseworthy? You can quickly start your home-based catering services and to bring more variety and to give your customers options in sweets. You can also sell baked goods like cookies, cakes, bread, and so many other things, which are going to make your customers feel at home. Everyone loves to eat restaurant food from time to time, but after sometimes, you get bored or even face health-related problems. But no one can resist home-cooked meals and baked goods on a daily basis, and they are also a good option for you to stay healthy.

10. YouTuber

Last but not least, if you want to become a home-based YouTuber and create content in which there is no travel requirement. Then you can start with vlogging like how your day looks, you can also start a cooking channel, or you can easily pick a topic and share your opinion on it. Just like movie reviewers do, you can also give your book reviews, makeup product reviews, etc. There are thousands of options available for you to choose from but choose wisely and under your areas of expertise.

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I hope this article was helpful for you to choose a good option for yourself and for your career in which you can excel, and that is without even going out too much. Which is really important during this time you can work from home without endangering your life because of this deadly virus and still earn for your family and for your survival.

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