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From a very young age, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Being passionate about styles helped me realise I wanted to start my own clothing line. At the tender age of 22, whilst we, at Freakins, have come a long way, the road ahead is still a very lengthy one.

Realising the growth in the consumer mindset towards online purchasing, Freakins caught onto the need to understand one’s audience well. We recognised that people are looking to shop online for an easier customer experience via smaller screens, and because of better mobile networks and bigger mobile sizes.

At Freakins, we believe that in order to captivate our customers, the first step is to create a loyal user base. Loyalty directly correlates to building a consumer’s subconscious trust and emotional connects with a brand. We did this by using organic tactics and involving ourselves in unorthodox marketing methods, which directly reach the end consumers.

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Apart from the above, an area of importance is positioning one’s brand uniquely in front of an audience. This helps the audience perceive the brand as an evolved one, with much to offer. Developing a brand is directly correlated with the clarity of the founder’s thoughts. If the team and founder have clear goals on what they want to achieve, there’s no stopping the growth.

Along with assuring a stellar customer experience through automation and a Customer Happiness Team, I resonate with the fact that Business is all about the team. As a founder/CEO, one must be ready to let go of things that one has handled earlier on. The decentralisation of authority not only

helps a budding entrepreneur focus on newer avenues to expand, but also helps build trust in his team. This was one of my major learnings as an inexperienced leader of a team.

In order to stay relevant and up on the visibility chart, we have to keep up with existing trends and adapt to the changing times. This helps in offering a holistic experience to our consumer base.

In conclusion, the internet is a wonderful place to set up shop and sell one’s products and become an established business. One can only build a viable business with the right team, branding and the vigour to telecast a pilot show, through its lifetime.

Article By: Mr Shaan Shah, CEO of Freakins. 

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